Buy Your Own Iron Man Suit Now!



I think it would be fair to say that almost everybody would love to own the Iron Man suit, right? Well you can now get one step closer to this! This incredible suit looks exactly like the real thing, and to make it even better it actually sort of works! I mean obviously you cannot just take off and fly round the world in this thing but it does light up and have a fully motorized helmet and rear thrusters.


Of course this all comes at a price, and if you would like to get your hands on it you’ll need to lay down $2,000, but even this doesn’t guarantee you’ll get anything. The company behind this have said they need at least 5,000 pre-orders before they can begin production, and event then your probably be waiting at least a year for delivery.
BUT if you happen to have $35,000 under your bed then you are able to get the suit for just a 4 month wait thanks to the brilliant technology of 3D-printing.

You can also purchase just the helmet for $1,800, but we think if you’re going to dish out that much money you may as well throw in the extra $200 and get the full suit!
If you’re thinking of buying this for your child, unfortunately unless they are between 5ft 5inches and 6ft 1inch tall they won’t fit into it.


Saying all this Marvel aren’t too happy about this. They have launched a copyright claim against a video they company posted on YouTube which has since been removed, and also asked the creators to stop selling these suits. So unfortunately if you don’t live in China, then you have pretty much not chance of buying one!

(Source: TechCrunch)


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