Check Out The ‘Transparent Truck’ From Samsung

Transparent Truck - Samsung


Being stuck behind a lorry without a good enough view to overtake is an all to often occurrence today. Samsung think they have come up with the solution with their new ‘transparent lorry’.

The concept behind the idea is actually pretty simple. A camera is mounted on the front of the lorry and feeds live footage of the road ahead to four large screen panels on the back. This allows cars that are waiting behind the huge vehicles to see a clear picture of what is ahead and allows them to judge whether it is safe to overtake or not.

The technology is currently being developed by the Argentinian branch of Samsung, although its clear this technology would not only save lives in this country, but all around the world. However, it’s not clear at the moment if Samsung plan to mass produce the technology, and if it does there is currently no timeline of when it will be released.

Even if Samsung do drop the idea, the technology behind it isn’t exactly difficult stuff so there is no reason why another company can’t pick it up and implement it within the UK sooner.


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