Dungeons & Dragons Will Use Mobile Devices to Make Game Play Easier

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Dungeons & Dragons has received critical acclaim since its release many years ago. And it will finally be adapted to provide players with a digital assistant in the form of D&D Beyond: the game’s official digital toolset. The app, which includes a compilation of rules, digital character sheets, and character builder, will be compatible with most modern smartphones. According to the official announcement, the app aims to make the game easier for both beginners and seasoned players of D&D.

The creators of D&D have inked a partnership with Curse to build the next-gen mobile app. The mobile application was first unveiled in PAX East Boston in March, and its beta officially began in May.

Curse started off as a company that managed mods online for games like Minecraft. It later evolved into a community with digital moderators who manage the company’s gaming rooms. Curse was purchased by game streaming channel Twitch in August 2016, bringing its proprietary voice-over IP software and more than 30 million users.

Since the announcement of D&D and Curse’s partnership, the latter’s Twitter account has been flooded with support from the communities of both D&D and online gamers in general.

D&D has evolved into different forms since its inception in 1997 but this is the first time that it will be getting an official mobile toolset from Wizards of the Coast, D&D’s makers. Aside from its tabletop game, Wizards of the Coast has produced several arcade titles for D&D including Chronicles of Mystara. The company also licensed the Dungeons and Dragons online game which is being featured on gaming hub Slingo Slots, which has a long array of pay-to-play games. Whether or not D&D’s main tabletop products transition to digital mediums in the future remains unclear, as gaming experts say the appeal of tabletops lie with their physical products and not intangible, digital assets. D&D Beyond comp liments the physical game, and the app cannot work without the actual tabletop tools.

D&D Beyond is very similar to its 5th edition game. The tabletop allows access to the app at any point of the game so users can forget about bringing a paper and pencil. Those who are interested in being part of D&D Beyond’s beta can sign up at the app’s official landing page.

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