Samsung Explains Why The Galaxy Note 7 Exploded!

Note 7 Fire Featured Image


In a press conference Samsung has finally explained the reason why its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone kept exploding!

As you may remember, Samsung acknowledged the problem and issued a recall for the devices and gave users a replacement. However, it seems they hadn’t quite fixed the problem and devices continued to explode around the world. It was time for Samsung to admit defeat and they finally issued another recall, this time for good!

The investigation has found that there were two different malfunctions in the battery as explained in the picture below, which you can read for yourself.

Note 7 Battery Findings

So whats to stop this from happening again? Well, Samsung have now developed an 8-point battery safety check. This has been put in place to prevent this type of accident from ever happening again, so lets hope it works.

This is what the 8-point battery check involves:

8 Point Battery Safety Check




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