Spotify: Dominating the Competition

Spotify Features


With the added competition in the music streaming game – Jay-Z having recently acquired Tidal has stepped it up a notch, Spotify have really found a way to put some distance between them and the alternatives. The most popular music streaming service, established in 2008 has revealed some new features that are going to be rolled out for UK customers, among others, in the near future.

Music has been a key part for many people’s workouts for years, helping to motivate and encourage athletes. Spotify may just have revolutionized this for its 20 million customers, by unveiling “running mode”. Sensors in your smartphone detect how fast you are jogging (or sprinting, or walking for that matter), and automatically choose songs with a similar beats per minute to help keep you going by providing you with “music that matches your every step”.

In addition to this, should you feel like upping the pace of your run, there is an additional feature that will change the pace of the song being played, without altering the pitch. This wizardry has never been available from any other music streaming service until now, putting leagues between Spotify and the competition as they intend to “change the way you run. Forever.”

Synchronizing songs with your workout is just one aspect of the improved service being provided by the company though; suggested tracks, although determined by each individual user’s interests, will now be affected by relevant user activity and the time of day as well. This could mean that your music begins chilled as you work, but slowly becomes more upbeat throughout the day as you prepare to hit the town on a big night out, catering for all your musical needs.

Not only this, though; Spotify is expanding its services to provide news bulletins and podcasts too, having already signed deals with the BBC, NBC, Disney, ESPN and MTV to “provide the perfect mix of music and entertainment.” All of this, and it is still available for free (with adverts), or for just £10 a month for unlimited, unrestricted use.

Basically, Spotify wants to be with you throughout your day, entertaining, motivating and driving you through your activities. And let’s face it, we could all use a little encouragement at times, and who doesn’t love it when that perfect song comes on on the Radio to give you that lift? Well, Spotify could just be filling our days with those moments, throwing out the banging tunes left, right and centre.


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