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Today we’ve got our hands on an iPad Air case from tablet and camera case manufacturer Acme Made. On the surface the case looks like a simple folio, but there is much more to it than first meets the eye. Before we received requests from our readers to review Acme Made products, we’d never heard of them before, so lets see how they shape up against some of the biggest names in the market.

Acme Made Ergo Book iPad Rotate

The Ergo Book is a very simple case which is made from a matte polyurethane. Like a lot of folio cases the front face is divided into three sections which allows it to be folded into a stand. The stand is easily deployed and built in magnets keep the stand in place while its in use. The magnets also lock/unlock the iPad as you would expect. Also found on the underside of the stand is an elastic handstrap. This provides better grip when holding the iPad, especially when presenting or showing somebody something on the screen.

Acme Made Ergo Book Stand

Once opened up you find the iPad cradle on the right hand-side. It has cutouts for all of the device functions as you would expect and is backed with a micro-fiber material to ensure your device remains scratch free.

One feature that makes this folio different is that the cradle has the ability to rotate and slide. Like most rotating cases, every 90 degrees there are stop points which lock the cradle and your iPad into place. The sliding feature allows you to align the cradle and the edge of the case so that when you stand it up it will sit flat on a table. We found the viewing angles to be ideal and didn’t have a problem with the stability of the stand.


At $60 the Acme Made Ergo Book is not exactly a cheap iPad case/cover. While the product is well built and its features are implemented well, we can’t help but think the asking price is slightly too high for us to recommend it.

In terms of improvements I’d like to see a little more protection for the device. Even when the case was closed the corners and right-hand edge of the iPad were only just covered by an overhang. When dropped the force of the impact would easily push back the case edge and leave your iPad vulnerable to damage.

If you would like to check out the Acme Made Ergo Book then you can do so by following the link below.



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