Adidas iPhone Case

Adidas Red/White Featured


Adidas, also known as the brand with the three stripes is better known for its clothing and footwear items so when I was asked to take a look at a snap-on iPhone case made by them I was a little surprised. However after searching a little it seems they’re quite popular and are even sold in the Apple Store.

There are various different designs, 13 to be exact, that this case can come in and I happened to receive the red/white combination. The actual snap-on case is red, with a white leather back and red branding. At first glance when removing it from the ‘Originals’ packaging, it seems like your average iPhone case.

Adidas case with phone

The hard case is constructed from plastic which has a rubber-coating finish. This gives it a matte feel and makes it a much more pleasurable experience to hold and use. Along both sides of the case you’ll find white Adidas branding. It actually looks quite nice and the contrast between the red and white is eye-catching.

Further up the left side you will find holes cut for volume buttons and the mute switch. The buttons wont be covered when the case is on which does leave them open.

Both the top and bottom of the case are fully cut out which again leaves your phone more vulnerable than if they were covered. However it does have it’s added benefits such as when using the headphone port you shouldn’t need to use any adapters as the case doesn’t obstruct the port – although this isn’t a massive issue these days.

Adidas case ports

The back of the case is the main attraction and boasts the 3 stripes that we all know Adidas by. These have been stitched on and also have a leather texture. Towards the bottom you will find the Adidas Leaf logo, and of course the camera/flash cut-out back at the top.


It would be wrong to say this Adidas iPhone case is the most protective accessory on the market, as it isn’t by any stretch. However it does add a certain degree of protection to your phone and one that is probably sufficient for day-to-day use, but apart from this there is no outstanding feature.

You can check out the other colour combinations by heading over to the Apple Store below.



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