BioArmor Antimicrobial iPhone Case [REVIEW]

BioArmor Blue iPhone Case Featured


Companies are fighting for your attention when it comes to protecting your devices these days and each year we see cases with new features whether its unusual colours, extending the  battery life of your device, built-in mounts or dust/waterproofing. This time around we have an iPhone case from BioArmor which offers antimicrobial properties.

BioArmor iPhone Case Packaging

The BioArmor Antimicrobial case offers wrap around protection and the lip extends over the edge of the phone to ensure that even if dropped your screen will remain protected. All features and ports are still easily accessible even with phone installed meaning their is no reason to take the case off. The volume and power buttons are covered by the case but thanks to the precision work of BioArmor they align perfectly and still work well.

BioArmor Blue iPhone Case Back

The cases are protected with Silver-Ion Antimicrobial technology which is proven to reduce the presence microbes by up to 99.9%. The protection is within the case and not just applied as a coating which results in a cleaner case and one in which the protection should last a lifetime.

A couple of interesting facts:

– Right now there are 2,202,060 microbes living on your mobile
– Mobile phones have on average 25,127 microbes per square inch, while a toilet seat only has 49 microbes per square inch.

BioArmor iPhone Case Ports

The case comes in a range of colours including clear, black, blue and a special pink edition in which 10% of all purchases will be donated to help support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. These great cases aren’t limited to just the iPhone 5/5s either and can be picked up for the Samsung Galaxy S4. However the supported devices end here.

Our Verdict

Not only does this phone case protect you from drops, knocks and bumps but also keeps the bacteria at bay. The case fits onto your device well and feels secure. It would be nice to see some new designs and styles of cases as those on offer do seem a little outdated and aren’t the most stylish. We’d also like to see the case available for a few more phone models such as the HTC One etc.

If you’d like to find out more about the case then head over to the BioArmor website using the button below. If you’d like to purchase one of their cases then it’ll cost you just £14.99 and can be purchased via the store on their website as well as Amazon.



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