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Keeping your devices safe can be a difficult task these days with the risk of a single slip cracking your screen, or a small drop of water rendering your device useless. Welcome the universal Caseit Waterproof Pouch.

This small waterproof pouch has an IPX8 rating meaning that its fully protected against water submersion. So once your device is locked inside, you can be confident that its 100% safe from any liquids. This makes it the perfect companion for all kinds of outdoor activities including swimming, camping or even relaxing on the beach.

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In terms of how easy the product is to use, it couldn’t be simpler. At the top of the pouch you have a pair of swivel locks to open and close the pouch. To open swivel both handles inwards and you can then open the pouch and place your device inside. To lock, line up the pins on either side of the case and swivel the handles outwards.

As this is a universal pouch it will fit a variety of devices, including almost all smartphones. I tested the case with my iPhone 6, and found that all functions and features of the device were still functional whilst underwater including the touchscreen.

CaseIt Pouch Lying Flat

Another useful addition is Caseit include a detachable lanyard to wear around your neck or shoulder, especially useful if you decide to go swimming.


The CaseIt Rugged Waterproof Pouch is a great little product and a very useful companion if you spend a lot of time outdoors. The only slight downfall I found when using the case is that depending on your device size the camera (both front and rear facing) extended into the blurred out plastic of the pouch obstructing the picture. Something to bear in mind if you’re buying to take pictures underwater.

However in my opinion for £10 you can’t go wrong, and if you’re heading to a festival next year this could be the perfect place to stash your phone, money and other small items.

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