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It is very rare that if you own a mobile phone you leave the house or go anywhere without it these days. This is one of the main reasons companies are looking for ways to cram all of the technology they can into these devices, so you won’t have to carry around multiple items such as numerous plastic cards to make payments. Today I’ll be looking at an iPhone case which manages to squeeze a massive 22 tools into it, including a pair of pliers, bottle opener and screwdrivers!

Task One Side View

Don’t be deceived though, this case is pretty hefty compared to your average everyday case and will definitely add some noticeable weight to your device. However with 22 tools included this is was always going to happen and in my eyes is a small sacrifice to make for having all of these handy.

Full Tool List

2.5″ removable knife/file
1.8″ sawblade
Small & large flathead screwdrivers
Pliers with box wrench
Wire cutters
6 Allen wrenches
Wire stripper

4.5″ ruler
Bottle opener
Dual kickstands
Universal reciprocating sawblade mount
Spoke wrenches

Task One Pliars In Use

Most of the ‘larger’ tools aren’t fully removable but instead you use tabs on the back of the case to push them out. Once finished they then retract back into the case using the same tabs. The knife/saw tool has a double lock on it to ensure you can’t accidentally remove it. We found the tabs to be quite stiff during the first week or so of testing, so much so that we actually struggled to use them at all. After a week or so these have now begun to loosen up and have become much more usable in everyday situations.

Although the functionality of the case is brilliant, how well does it actually protect your phone? The body itself is made from polycarbonate and aluminium with a strip of rubber running nearly the whole way around the case. This helps to absorb shock when the case is dropped on any of its corners, but also prevents the drop leaving any scuf marks.

Task One File

To get your phone into the case you must remove two very small screws towards the bottom of the case, which will allow you to remove the bottom section. Simply slip your phone into the case and ensure everything aligns. Replace the bottom section of the case and use included allen key to secure the screws back into place.

One thing we’re a little unsure about with this case is the knife aspect. When looking at it from the case, it’s a scary looking piece of kit which could cause some serious damage if used incorrectly. Placing something like this on an iPhone case means that in reality anybody can walk around with a knife which is pretty scary. If you’re also travelling a lot then this case definitely isn’t for you as I’m sure airport security wouldn’t be too happy with you trying to take this thing on a plane.

Task One Knife

After trying and testing, all of the tools seem to work quite well! One aspect I was a little disappointed with was the kickstand however. After using it trying to watch a short video on my iPhone it seemed even the slightest knock would make it fall over. This became a little annoying after a while and I finally gave up and decided to just prop it up against a book.


The whole concept of the product is very appealing especially being able to carry around 22 tools in a single pocket. However the tools included aren’t heavy duty by any means and you must remember that your expensive smartphone sits just on the other-side of them.

This seriously cool case will set you back just shy of $90, or £70 on the UK Amazon which may seem a little steep, but when you actually think about what you’re getting here its really not that bad at all!



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