uNu DX Protective Battery Case

DX Protective Battery Case Featured


The uNu DX Protective Battery Case has to be one of the most reasonably priced rechargeable cases on the market, costing only $79.95. In terms of looks the case from both the front and back look exactly like any other battery case and there aren’t really any distinguishing features about it.

We normally see battery cases take 2 approaches on how to install your phone into them. The first being a sliding case which you align with the battery pack case or, as the DX uses, a two part battery case in which to slide your mobile device into.
To install your phone you simply remove the top piece of the battery case , insert your phone and then reattach the piece to securely lock your phone into place. Once placed inside your phone will lie nearly flush with the case, with just a small lip which will help to protect your screen if dropped.

DX Protective Case Back

On the left hand side you will find the cut-outs for the mute switch and volume buttons which we found to be a little too deep for comfortable use, but of course they do still work if just a little fiddly. Moving to the back we have the camera hole which is rather large and with it’s gradually inclined look fit’s right into the overall aesthetics of the device. Toward the bottom you’ll also find two small speaker holes and as well as the standard micro USB port which you can use with the included cable to charge the battery. A nice little indicator of a flashing LED will let you know that you’re charging correctly.

DX Protective Case Front

Also on the back of the case you’ll find the cases power button and a small LED strip. To activate the charging of your phone you must press and hold the power button for three seconds and then you’ll hear your iPhone respond as it starts to receive power. The same goes for switching off the case, you must press and hold the button for three seconds. To check the remaining power in your case simply press the on/off button once quickly and the colour of the LED will represent the percentage of remaining power in the following way;

Green=100%-60% | Blue=70%-30% | Red=30%-5% | Blinking Red = <5%.

DX Protective Case On Desk

As per most battery cases you will receive a micro USB cable and also a headphone adapter to be used with the case. The company also includes a screen protector in the box. On closer inspection the screen protector actually contains specks of glitter which is something that we’ve never seen! The battery capacity is 2,300mAh will give you up to an extra 10 hours talk time or 8 hours of additional web-browsing.

Our Verdict

The main selling point of this battery case is the sheer performance for the extremely good price. Most iPhone battery cases that we have come across cost around $100 and therefore for this to cost just $80 and still pack a 2,300mAh battery is great. The case itself is nice a slim and adds little bulk to your phone. Purchase the DX Protective over at the uNu website.


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