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The iT7x2 are the second generation headphones from the audio company iT7 Audio. iT7 pride themselves on high quality audio devices while having the ability to make and receive calls with their products on the go. We went ears-on with their newest set of on-ear wireless headphones to see how they performed.

iT7x2 Headphones Full Shot

One thing we really hate about some headphones is when they’re coated in a glossy black finish. It makes them look cheap, plasticky and it puts me off purchasing them. Thankfully iT7 haven’t done this with the second generation headphones
and have instead gone for a matte, rubber finish. This gives the headphones a premium look and in terms of aesthetics they hit the nail on the head.

The headphones are foldable and each ear-cup snaps inwards to make them more portable. In the product box you also receive a nice hard-shell zipper carry case in which you can store them while on the move. As with most headphones you adjust the size of them to find the perfect fit. The headband which sits on top of your head when their being worn isn’t all that flexible so you need to be careful that you don’t overbend them. The matte surface doesn’t scratch easily and the rubber definitely helps to absorb some of the impact when dropped. This being said continuous knocking and dropping would eventually leave some scratches and marks and therefore we suggest you keep them in their carry case when not in use.

iT7x2 Ear Cup

On the left-hand ear-cup you’ll find a vareity of wireless controls including volume buttons and skip forward/backward buttons. All of these can be used without removing your device from your pocket. On the face of the cup you’ll also find the power button.

These headphones support NFC, and it’s located on the right ear-cup. This offers a quick and easy way to pair with devices which also support NFC and involves holding the two together for a couple of seconds until the connection is established. Bluetooth is also supported if your device doesn’t support NFC, and if both of these are out of the question then iT7 also include a standard 3.5mm aux cable for a wired connection.

iT7x2 Folded

Each ear-cup is padded with memory foam which offers great comfort. As I’ve found with many headphones in the past I didn’t find my head being crushed by the pressure being put on my ears but I also didn’t find the headphones easily slipping off. They’re also quite light and overall they’re a pleasure to wear, even for extended periods of time.

When your streaming over Bluetooth to the headset, they use the aptX codec (if supported) as well as Bluetooth 4.0 which offers lossless audio straight to your ears. In terms of the sound they actually produce I was pretty impressed. They really stand out when you play songs with a heavy bass and it really punches through. Although the bass seems to dominate it’s not overpowering and doesn’t drown out the strings, and higher end instruments. I’ve read in a few comments and other reviews that people have experienced sound leakage when in use, and I do have to agree here, although it’s not a major problem.

iT7x2 Carry Case

The Bluetooth connection lasted up to around 20/21m during our tests which is a pretty decent distance, while the internal battery held out for around 20 hours as well. Pairing up the headphones again is a simple process and is done by holding the power button down for around seven seconds. You’ll then be able to find the headphones in your devices Bluetooth settings and pair as normal.


The iT7x2 is a solid pair of wireless headphones. They offer great build quality, portability is taken care of and probably most importantly, they sound good. They come in five different colour options including pink, orange, blue, white or black.

If you’d like to purchase a set of the iT7x2 headphones then they’ll cost you £170. This price tag is a little on the expensive side but you will be receiving a good all round set of headphones in return. Visit the iT7 Audio website below to find out more.

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