QPAD QH-85 Gaming Headset [REVIEW]

QPAD QH-85 Headset Box


The QPAD QH-85 is a professional gaming headset which offers an open ear cup design. They have 53mm drivers, 15K-25K frequency response and also a detachable microphone. They are the younger brother of the QPAD QH-90 which offer closed ear-cups. Many people don’t know the difference between the two so we’ve provided a brief overview of each below.

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Closed ear cup

– No sound can escape as the headphones are sealed. This leads to more bass presence in the audio.[/column]

Open ear cup

– Sound can escape from the ear-cups which produces a crisper sound with less bass presence. As sound is leaked people around may be able to hear your audio.


QPAD QH85 Close Up

The headband of the headphones is made from aluminium which gives it good strength as well as keeping the overall weight of the headset down. Each ear cup is surrounded with padded leather to provide nice cushioning and a comfortable fit. Each ear cup tilts slightly, as well as the headband also being adjustable. This definitely helps to improve the fit and with a little adjusting you can find the perfect balance between comfort and performance.

The included microphone can be removed easily if you have no need for it. The adjustable arm ensures you can position it where you need. Our only problem with the microphone is that it has a black foam tip, and even though this helps to prevent unwanted breathing noises, it just looks so ugly! However voice quality through it was great and we used it with multiple applications including gaming, Skype and even made a phone call through our smartphone.

QPAD QH-85 Headband

The overall audio quality of the QH-85 headset is very well rounded and thanks to the open ear cups the soundstage is extended slightly. However because of this ear cup design there really is a lot of sound leakage and would easily begin to annoy others if you’re playing in close proximity. The open ear cups do also dampen the bass frequencies a little but this helps to produce more balanced audio and ensures that it doesn’t drown out the higher and mid-range tones.

Our Verdict

The QPAD QH-85 is a great headset for gaming and because the soundstage is so balanced it also handles music well. We won’t be taking these out in public any time soon however due to the sound leakage, but QPAD have a quality product here in terms of a gaming headset.

You can pick these headphones up for just under £70. Read more about them by visiting the link below.



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