Sond Audio H6 Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

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Problem: that annoying, incomprehensible bundle of wires sometimes known as headphones. Solution: remove the wires. Sond Audio have taken this simple approach in creating their Bluetooth headphones, allowing knot-free use with a variety of devices – as long as they have Bluetooth.

Sond Audio H6 Box

The Sond Audio H6 headphones are available in black and chrome, or silver and chrome. Given this choice, black is the lesser of two evils. While the product claims to be ‘luxurious,’ a statement backed up by the attractive (if a little basic) box, it is sad to say that this luxury doesn’t extend to the product itself. The black and chrome model just doesn’t seem to work as a colour scheme, and the silver and chrome looks like something more at home in a futuristic laboratory test. Even worse than the look, however, is the feel of the materials. Unfortunately, the padded headband and plastic both feel inferior quality, leading to an overall cheap looking product.

With that in mind, at least the padded headband contributes to a very comfortable wear. The earpieces are amazingly soft, and fit perfectly for most people. Whereas other headphones can get sore after prolonged wear, this doesn’t seem to be a problem here. It is even adjustable, growing to fit even the biggest of heads, while still being able to provide a snug fit on the smallest. At just 240g as well, they are exceptionally lightweight, which only adds to the comfort.

Side View

The set-up of the wireless headphones is remarkably easy. Despite the feeling that the user handbook has been poorly translated from another language, even those technologically challenged can be listening to their favourite tunes within a matter of minutes. A charging period of around three hours means that they are ready for use overnight, and will last up to 14 hours.

Using the headphones with a computer or games console is an altogether different issue. Unfortunately, there is no option to use a wired mode. The box merely includes a USB charging cable, so using the product in conjunction with any non-Bluetooth device requires a separate Bluetooth adapter.

Front View

Onto the most important factors: the use. The surround sound quality provided by the 20 mW speakers is very high, more than good enough for your average day to day use. The speakers also contain a built in microphone, so phone calls can be taken while wearing the headset, with no noticeable audio problems. They also do a very good job of cancelling external noise, meaning you can focus on really getting into the music.

The headset contains a single dial on the right hand side, which can be used to control everything. The button located in the centre of the dial is used to turn the headphones on and off, as well as to sync with a Bluetooth device and take calls, while the dial can be turned forwards or back to change the song, and held to adjust the volume. These useful features mean that your phone can stay in your pocket, or on charge, or under the sofa, as long as it is within ten metres of the headphones.


While the unattractive appearance and inferior build quality may put you off the £60 price tag, the Sond Audio H6 wireless headphones have many redeeming features. They would make for a decent gaming headset, albeit necessitating the purchase of a Bluetooth adapter for the console, but if that is an extra purchase you’re willing to make, go ahead. The sound quality provided is high, and along with the versatility, usability and simple set up, the headset would be a solid purchase for someone not setting their budget too high.

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