Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse Speakers [REVIEW]

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No matter how many pairs of speakers that you’ve owned in the past they’ve probably all followed the same style and it’s time for that fresh new look – say hello to the Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse. This pair of speakers pack both Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming as well as your standard auxiliary input port for versatile connectivity to external devices. So how do they perform – lets find out!

Edifier Luna Eclipse Speakers Black

Black Luna Eclipse Speakers

Within the retail packaging the speakers are well padded yet still look absolutely great. Surrounded by black velvet and a thick protective foam they ‘look’ worth every penny of their $200 price tag. They’re finished in a very nice glossy black but are also available in red and white to match your PC.

In a separate small box located next to the speakers you’ll find an array of different cables including the small power brick and cable, a 6-pin L/R speaker connector and your 3.5mm auxiliary cable. Each cable is a nice length and shouldn’t restrict their use even if there isn’t a mains power socket directly behind your PC.

Edifier Luna Eclipse Remote

Speaker Remote

Also set into the velvet you’ll find the remote which allows you to power on/off speakers and adjust the volume, although you can actually do quite a lot with just the 3 buttons. If you press all 3 buttons at once it will trigger the play/pause function. To switch to the next or previous track you can swipe your finger between power and volume down buttons.

The speakers themselves look absolutely stunning and their weird shape make them all the more interesting to look at. On the left side of the right-hand speaker you’ll find the touch-sensitive buttons for power and volume which thankfully blend effortlessly into the design not drawing your attention. The presence of a small LED will indicate whether the speakers are on and if they’re connected to a Bluetooth device. On the back of this speaker is the auxiliary port, power port and the 6-pin connection to the left speaker. The left speaker contains just the 6-pin connection.

Luna Eclipse Rear Connections


The Luna Eclipse speakers are PC speakers and therefore made to sit on a desk in a relatively small space. Because of this you shouldn’t expect a huge sound from them without the inclusion of a dedicated sub-woofer. The speakers have dual 3-inch passive radiators which help to enhance the bass performance although we still feel it lacked a bit of ‘oomph’. The remainder of the soundstage performed well and gave a clear, crisp sound. ¬†Overall though I felt the higher end of the spectrum overshadowed the lower end and during audio playback you could hear this in most genres.

Our Verdict

These eye-catching speakers are great and in terms of sound quality work absolutely fine for your everyday listening through your laptop or PC. They have a slick design and although the higher tones are very forward in the mix. The enhanced bass performance is good and something which we think quite a few folks will like. This being said they certainly won’t be replacing your Hi-Fi speakers any time soon as they just aren’t balanced enough.

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