Nakamichi NBS10 Portable Bluetooth Speakers

NBS10 Purple Speakers Front & Side View


Nakamichi is a Japanese consumer electronics brand which was founded 1948. They first gained a name in the 1970s and manufacture audio, video and multimedia equipment. Today we have a pair of their new speakers the NBS10’s. There are 2 speakers which are identical and about the size of a tennis ball. They are completely spherical except for one tiny rubber foot in which your meant to stand the speaker on. Although the small rubber foot did help in standing the speakers up, we found that quite a lot of the time it was actually quite difficult to stand it correctly and it would roll away. It goes without saying that this was pretty annoying.

Nakamichi NBS10 Packaging

The pair are completely wireless and work up to a range of 10 meters apart, they also operate in both stereo and individual if you don’t want them both playing. You position the two spherical speakers wherever you want to and we had great fun testing them out in different places. We found that one placed either side of your head, obviously not too close, sounded amazing and added a new dimension when listening to my normal test music. Once fully charged the speakers will offer around 7 hours playback time which isn’t bad seeing as there are 2 separate speakers both of which are wireless. In terms of portability Nakamichi don’t include a carry case of any sort which would be nice to see and they would then be ideal as portable speakers.

Nakamichi NBS10 Speakers Blue

On each speaker you’ll find a 3.5mm AUX port so you can use them with non-bluetooth devices such as your laptop. You’ll also find a micro-USB port which you charge the speakers through. Nakamichi do include a micro-USB cable and 3.5mm AUX cable in the box so you won’t have to worry about purchasing either. In terms of audio quality the NBS10 really excels. They offer complete 360 degree audio, and when properly placed completely changes the feeling of a song. The great thing about them is that you can change their position to suit any and every room. Each speaker houses a 2-inch driver unit which overall produces a balanced sound, with a little more emphasis on the bass but not enough that it’s overpowering.

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Nakamichi NBS10 Ports


Available in 5 different colours including black, blue, pink, yellow and purple, these speakers are likely to appeal to pretty much anyone, especially with their weird tennis ball like shape. Overall the Nakamichi NBS10 are a solid set of speakers which feel absolutely great to handle being covered in a mesh fabric with a metal belt across the middle. We would like to see a carry case of some sort included in the box and also maybe a slightly better way of standing the devices so they don’t keep rolling away so easily. Putting these 2 minor annoyances aside and you’re left with a pair of great sounding and nice looking speakers, although they will set you back £82.99.

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