Arcam miniBlink [REVIEW]

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Being able to stream music straight from your iPhone or any Bluetooth device is simply a must these days and the Arcam miniBlink allows you to do exactly this while retaining great quality audio.

The device is ultra small making it portable and ideal for taking while your on the move. The pebble shaped device is finished with a high gloss back and a small silver band around the middle. This high gloss finish does attract a lot of finger prints but nothing a simple wipe every now and then won’t remove.

Arcam miniBlink Front

In terms of connections, on the back you’ll find a standard 3.5mm analogue port and a micro-USB port which supplies the power. There are no digital outputs unfortunately, however aptX Bluetooth is supported.

Setting up the Arcam device is very simple. On the top face you’ll find a nicely sized button marked with the Bluetooth logo. Simply hold this down for a couple of seconds and you’ll be able to pair with the device.

Arcam miniBlink Ports

For a product of this size the sound quality it delivers is brilliant. Songs are smooth and there is no sudden jolts in pitch changes. Vocals and all other components are are well balanced and not overpowering. When testing side by side with our high quality external DAC they were pretty much indistinguishable, which is a great result for this little unit.

Our Verdict

The miniBlink may be a little more expensive than similar devices on the market at £90 but the hardware built into this tiny pebble easily betters those. This device is perfect for use on your regular portable speakers all the way up to your high end audio systems.

A great product and definitely worthy of 5 stars!

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