SHARKK Apple iPad Air Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard [REVIEW]

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I know all to well how frustrating the iPad’s on screen keyboard can be, especially with the restricted space on the smaller devices such as the iPad Air. I like many others prefer using a keyboard with the iPad as it makes a lot more sense when typing up reviews or long essays which I regularly do. There are many of these keyboard/case hybrids on the market so lets see how SHARKK’s take shapes up.

SHARKK Keyboard Standing

Opening up the packaging you’ll find the keyboard itself as well as a small box containing the micro-USB cable used to charge the device.

The design of the product is slightly weird and something that I’ve personally not seen before. Manufactured from plastic the case is a hard shell which seems to be coated in a rubber material helping with grip as well as making it feel a lot nicer. The hard shell case is like any other stand alone case and access to your devices ports and buttons is not affected while it’s fitted.

SHARKK Keyboard Case Closed

With most keyboard cases you only have the option to use the keyboard while in landscape mode, the SHARKK Apple iPad Air Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard changes this. The bracket in which the iPad is mounted swivels 360 degrees which allows it to be mounted in both landscape and portrait. To actually use the mounted iPad you must slide out the top section of the keyboard which then allows the iPad to stand. Although this does make the case a little large when in use, the slider is simple to retract and the device returns to its original size for travelling.

Connecting your device to the keyboard is an absolute breeze and is done so like any other bluetooth device you connect to. Once connected we managed to use the device up to a range of around 10/11 meters. We also experienced no drop outs in terms of connection.

SHARKK Keyboard Case In Motion

The keyboard itself has a 6-row layout, with almost all of the keys being full size which is nice to see and also use. Each key provides a good amount of tactile feedback and after a couple of uses feels just like your normal laptop keyboard, albeit a little smaller. There is also 3 small LED indicators for CAPS lock, battery level and Bluetooth connection.

Our Verdict

If you’re one of the many who struggle with the on-screen keyboard of the iPad Air then the SHARKK’s Wireless Keyboard Case looks like a very affordable and reliable solution. The product is sturdy with the main selling point being that you can mount your device in both landscape and portrait. For just $36.99 (at time of writing)¬†this really is a steal over on Amazon.

You can learn more about this product over at SHARKK’s website, head over there using the link below.



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