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AVG Zen is the companies latest software release which aims to bring all of your devices together into one place. This is great if you have many PCs, phones and tablets and you want to check up on them to ensure that they are all running smoothly.

Zen is like no other cross-platform multi-device suite and won’t leave your pockets empty. AVG Zen is actually built into existing AVG protection, privacy and performance products and therefore installation is done by downloading the product you want from the AVG website. On Android you can download the Zen app for free, and it will also encourage you to install the AntiVirus Free as well as Privacy Fix.

When installing Zen you will be asked to register for an online account. If you haven’t already got a security suite installed then go ahead and install the 30-day free trail of Internet Security by clicking ‘Protection’. Once the trial is over it will automatically revert to AVG AntiVirus Free or you can pay and keep the IS suite. Similarly you can click ‘Performance’ to install the 30-day free trial of PC TuneUp. Android installation is pretty similar and straightforward.

AVG Zen Screenshot 1

Adding devices is done so through an email invitation. Located at the end of the invitation email you’ll find a code which is needed to add the PC, phone or tablet. You can monitor absolutely any device whether its a friends or family members (providing you’re invitation has been accepted) but a device can only be connected to one Zen network. This can be easily changed if needed and your friend can set up their own Zen network.

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The user interface of Zen is very easy to use and uses a similar layout to the rest of AVG’s products. The main screen shows each of your devices and 4 large buttons which correspond to the different security components for that device. A circle around each shows the status of them. Obviously, installing all 4 of the options on a device will give you 4 completely green circles. If you have an Android device though to achieve these 4 green circles you’ll have to part with some money.

AVG Zen Screenshot 2

The circles will also change colour depending on their status. Green means everything is good, yellow is a small problem and red is an alert which should be checked out as soon as possible. AVG will also give you messages of which the number will be shown in a small circle next to the separate security buttons. Each device will also have a small circle containing the total number of messages for that device.

Our Verdict

Seeing as AVG Zen is a new product I’m quite impressed with it. If you’ve used any other of the AVG products then you’ll find using the software a breeze, if not then you’ll pick it up in no time at all. I’m excited to see what features will be added in the future and I definitely think we will be seeing Mac support soon-ish.

You can’t really go wrong when Zen is available for free!



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