This week we received the GAMDIAS AEGIS accessory in the post. This multi-function gaming set simply provides you with more convenience whilst achieving space efficiency. Some unique features of the AEGIS are cord management, an in-built headset holder and a USB hub.

On removing the unit from the packaging you can see straight away just how simple it is. The GAMDIAS bungee differs from most others on the market due to the fact that it actually sticks onto the side of your monitor. This is done via two adhesive 3M pads. These adhesive pads are positioned at the top and middle of the device and once attached to your monitor feels absolutely solid. Despite being a simple device the amount of detail which has gone into its design is astonishing.

Gamdias Aegis 3M Pads

Another positive about the device is that when you decide to remove the bungee, the 3M pads leave behind no glue residue and won’t damage your monitor at all. If in the future you then decide you want to re-install the accessory, you can do so with the extra adhesive pads included in the box.

One feature which really stood out to me was that it also doubles up as a USB hub. Down the side of the device you’ll find four individual USB 2.0 ports, which all face inwards so when you plug in your USB accessories they will be hidden behind the monitor giving a cleaner looking desktop. There is a braided 1.5 meter USB cable included in the box to get the ports up and running. Unfortunately they’re are the older USB 2.0 ports and not the faster USB 3.0.

gamdias aegis USB hub

The final feature of the AEGIS is the headset mount. On the very top of the device you’ll find a red rotatable arm which can spin outwards, sitting at either a 90 or 180 degree angle to your monitor. At first I thought the plastic arm would be too flimsy to support a headset but after using it for over a week I can say that it still stands (or sticks) strong. The arm can take the weight of most popular gaming headsets including the brands own HEPHAESTUS, Astro Gaming and SteelSeries headsets.

Gamdias Aegis Headset Stand

Our Verdict

This 3-in-1 gaming accessory is a must have for any gamer who finds their desktop riddled with wires, hubs and nowhere to store their gaming headset. One simple accessory solves all of these problems making for a more efficient and tidier gaming environment. The only thing we wish were included are USB 3.0 ports, but this is by no means a major problem.

You can pick-up the GAMDIAS AEGIS on Amazon for under £15 which is more than a fair price. Follow the link below to read more!

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