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Online gaming is becoming more and more competitive, and as this happens companies are seeking out ways to give individuals that competitive edge against others. Products range from complete headset audio systems from companies such as Astro Gaming and SteelSeries, modified controllers from Scuf Gaming and even specialised eye-wear. Today we’re looking at a small controller add-on which supposedly improves gaming performance. They are the FPS Freek analog stick extensions from KontrolFreek.

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According to their website the KontrolFreek FPS Freek extensions are supposedly meant to improve accuracy as well as reduce thumb fatigue after long periods of playing. They are mainly used by FPS players, so those who play games such as Battlefield, Call Of Duty and Halo should benefit from them. Installing the extensions on your controller is a simple process and they just snap onto your existing analog sticks. It can be a little tricky to get on at first due to the rubber covering on the top of the sticks. Once you manage to get around this you’ll find Freeks are secure and stay in place.

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Obviously adding these onto your controller will increase the height of them and initially this feels very awkward, but don’t let this put you off using them right away. These simple extensions won’t be changing your game overnight and will definitely take you a week or two to become fully comfortable using them. For the first few days I didn’t really look for any improvement but instead was trying to get myself used to playing with them and adjusting my thumbs to the height increase.

So what do the extensions actually do? Well the increased height on the sticks provide a 40% wider range of motion as well as increased grip and reduced thumb fatigue as mentioned earlier. In terms of grip, I have definitely seen an improvement. There are a wide variety of different designs/styles you can choose and each of them look and feel different. The original sticks on the Xbox 360 have four small gripping bumps so the KontrolFreeks are a definite improvement on this.

KontrolFreek Boxes

Unfortunately I cannot comment on the thumb fatigue issue as I’ve never actually experienced this before and I find the control itself very comfy to use. In terms of increased accuracy this really depends on what sensitivity you use. I found that most improvement was seen when you were using a high sensitivity and over time it definitely did help. I can now use a higher sensitivity than I used to while still have great accuracy. It actually seems more difficult to over aim which is normally a big problem when you have your sensitivity set to a high level.

You get most benefit from these playing first person shooters but you’re not limited to this genre. They are also beneficial when playing games such as FIFA and you should see an increase of passing accuracy. For other genres of games you’re less likely to see much benefit.

Our Verdict

The FPS Freeks will take a bit of getting used to at first, but once you’ve adjusted your playing to using them they definitely do help with your accuracy more than anything else. So if you’re always looking for that gaming edge over your friends then the KontrolFreeks FPS Freeks are worth a look.

You can purchase KontrolFreek products within the UK from the LimeXB website. They cost around £10 for a single pair of FPS Freeks which in my opinion is a great deal! You can use the link below to take a look through the various designs and also some of their other products.



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