SquidGrip Xbox 360 [REVIEW]

SquidGrip Xbox360 Feautred


I’ve been using my Xbox 360 for many years now and overall I’m pretty happy with it. I’m sure I’m not the only person out there, but using the controllers for extended periods of time can lead to sweaty hands and a loose grip. Because of this your gaming ability drops and you end up switching off. If this sounds like you, say hello to SquidGrip.

SquidGrip is a low profile, firm and padded surface which is also textured to help you keep that all important firm grip on your controller. The SquidGrip doesn’t just make device easier to hold but in my opinions it so much more comfortable to play for extended periods of time.

SquidGrip Controller Front

Your grips come packaged in a nicely designed cardboard sleeve which would stand out in any retail store. Inside the sleeve you’ll find two rather oddly shaped grips – my first thought was that they’ll never fit onto the controller. You’ll also find a large SquidGrip logo sticker, 4 badge stickers and also a manual. Baring in mind that these grips are only made from foam their gripping ability is incredible. If you place them flat on a surface, apply pressure and try to move them it’s really not that easy.

Applying the grips is quite an easy process, but you definitely need to read the manual to ensure you do this correctly. On the Xbox 360 you simply line up four punched holes on the grip against the controllers joining seam around the edge. Once this is done you’ll need to carefully wrap the grips around the front and back of the controller ensuring that you firmly push them into place, especially on the back of the controller where your fingers sit. It’s essential that once you’ve peeled the covering off the sticky backing that you do not touch its surface.

SquidGrip Controller Back

The foam allows you to maneuver the grips well when installing and although you do need to be accurate when fixing them it doesn’t require absolute precision. The foam they’re manufactured with is latex-free and also anti-microbial.

You’re probably thinking that these will ruin the look of your controller, and while they can be seen I think they add quite a nice and unique look. Obviously if you’re placing these on a green Xbox 360 controlled then they will stand out like a sore thumb – but the contrast between the green and black could be quite nice.

SquidGrip Package Contents

So how did they perform? I didn’t really have a problem with comfort of the controller, it was more the loose grip after extended periods of play. I’ve been using them for over a week now and not once have I encountered what I did before I installed these. They simply keep your hands dry meaning your grip on the controller stays solid and you can continue to play for hours on end. The foam does also help to cushion your grip which leads to an overall more comfortable hand position.

SquidGrip Controller Side

However, recently I have noticed the corners on the front of the device have started to peel away. I’m not sure whether this is because they’ve already begun to loose their stick or whether I did happen to touch each of the corners during application. Unfortunately these are only available to buy in black. In the future we’d like to see maybe some more colourful options available, this way they would appeal to a much greater audience.

Our Verdict

The SquidGrip is a fantastic solution if you get sweaty hands or you feel the controller just isn’t comfortable as is. The grips are low profile so shouldn’t affect your regular grip either. As mentioned I would also like to see a few more colour options. A simple, yet ultra effective product.

A single pack of SquidGrips will cost you $14.99 and they’re available for the Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers. Next generation console controllers coming soon.



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