SCUF Elite Xbox One Wireless Controller

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Over 5 years ago SCUF created a brand new market for professional, customised gaming controllers and today business for them is booming as gaming continues to increase in popularity.

Their controllers not only bring crazy and aesthetically different designs to the mass market but also include innovative features and functions which SCUF themselves have patented.

I previously covered that Scuf Gaming had licensed its technology to Microsoft and became the official and exclusive Xbox 3rd party controller partner for professional gaming. Which brings us nicely onto todays controller, the SCUF Elite.


The SCUF Elite follows the same form factor as the Xbox Elite controller with pretty much the same functionality. There are a few slight differences but we’ll cover these later.

Carbon Fiber Collection

As always with Scuf Gaming they offer a wide variety of designs that you can add to your controller to replace the normal matte black finish. They come in numerous collections including Carbon Fiber Collection, Designer Collection, Camo Collection, Prestige Collection and the Spectrum Collection.

Flipping the controller over you’ll see a pair of green switches either side of where the paddles sit. These are for enabling/disabling the trigger stops. So if you’re playing a FPS and what to take advantage of the trigger stops, simply enable them. However, if you swap over to a new game where they’re of no real use, you can switch them off – a great addition.

Functions & Features

Scuf controllers have always been packed with features that are meant to improve your gaming and give you an edge over opponents. On the SCUF Elite there are four main features:

Paddle Control System

As with any controller you purchase from SCUF, it’ll come equipped with up to four paddles. These are located on the back of the controller where your fingers naturally lie when playing games.

SCUF Paddle System

The role of paddles is that they can mimic any face button, which allow the thumbs to remain on the thumbsticks. This enables actions such as jump-shots and drop-shots in games such as Call of Duty, without moving any fingers. This in itself gives you an edge over other players without one of these controllers.

Every paddle is modular and so can be removed if you’re not using it. This means you can play with either 1, 2, 3 or all 4 of them attached.

Until you’ve used a paddle system on a controller you won’t believe how much it can improve your game. Over 80% of gaming professionals use the Scuf controller which goes to show that they feel it really is making a difference.

Directional Bias Dpad

This is a new, enhanced feature that looks to be an improvement on the SCUF Disc, which is wasn’t a massive fan of! However, this directional Dpad changes this and allows you to access a single direction bias quicker.

Not only this but Scuf have completely redesigned the disc and how it looks for the Elite controller, which I’m so pleased about.

SCUF Elite Dpad

The directional bias Dpad is adjustable to all 4 positions so whichever direction you wish to have quicker access to you can set it to that. It also uses magnets to attach to the original Dpad underneath so changes really are rapid, no screwdrivers are needed, HUUURAH!

Precision Thumbsticks

Scuf manufacture their own thumbsticks in different lengths and shapes to cater to different hand sizes. Just like the Dpad the thumbsticks use magnets to allow easy changing of them. I prefer this method rather than having to use a SCUF key to remove them like on the SCUF Infinity One.

SCUF Elite Thumbsticks

The thumbsticks are also finished with a military grade grip to ensure your fingers don’t slip in those all important moments.

You can opt for the original Xbox One thumbsticks as well if you would prefer.

Pro Grip Handles

I covered the SCUF pro grip handles many times on other models of the controller, and these are exactly the same. The military grade rubber handles are debossed with the Scuf Gaming logo which improves grip. They’re also contoured to fit your hands, which means you can hold the controller for hours without getting uncomfortable.

Still finding your losing grip when playing, or your hands are perspiring? Then try out the Scuf Gaming Gamer Grip which helps to prevent your hands from sweating.

SCUF Elite Grip

The grips can always be swapped out as well with the included grip removal tool. This is incredibly small, so make sure you don’t misplace it!

Accessory Kits

Also available through the SCUF Elite page are two accessory kits. These are both for gamers who already own an Xbox Elite controller but want to experience the SCUF technology and innovations.

The first accessory kit includes the paddle control system and directional bias Dpad which is available to purchase right away. The second kit includes the SCUF Elite pro grip handles and precision thumbsticks. This will be available in 5 different colours and is ‘coming soon’ to the Scuf Gaming store.

Scuf Accessory Kits


The SCUF Elite is a fantastic new addition to the already brilliant controller lineup over at Scuf Gaming. The new directional bias Dpad is surprisingly nice to use and the redesigned paddles offer a greater surface area to press ensuring you never miss them.

So is it worth purchasing? In my opinion, absolutely yes! I fell in love with the SCUF Elite as soon as I picked it up, it’s just a pleasure to use and even after hours of gaming time, my hands never became fatigued.

Overall the build quality and ergonomics of the controller have a premium feel to them and the little added extra weight affirms this, making it my new go to controller for the Xbox One! The SCUF Elite starts from a reasonable £127.00, but of course adding/customising certain features can send this price upwards.



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