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It’s been four years since Bungie released their last game which was Halo:Reach released in 2010. Given the huge popularity of the Halo series, Destiny has been a long awaited game and will no doubt be a huge hit when its officially released on September 9th. This first look at the game is based on our experience with the beta on the Xbox One console.

The Destiny beta won’t be around for long we’re guessing so have they given us enough to keep us busy? Absolutely! There are 6 single player maps which can be played with 1-3 players. In terms of length they vary quite a lot with one being under 10 minutes to the final mission being nearly a whole hour.

In terms of multiplayer there are two maps which take the format of 6v6. You’ll be mostly playing with players in your own country which helps to reduce internet problems and lag, and it seemed to work as we experienced very little – something which I was surprised about in a beta.

We did run into one major issue with the beta however which was that the Xbox One party chat didn’t work. There was a way around this however and you had to actually initiate the party before you launched the game. Once the game had launched you couldn’t touch the party chat otherwise it would stop working. Although being a problem you must remember the game is a beta, and has been released exactly for this reason, to find problems so Bungie can fix them.

Player customization is also available and takes your normal layout which is very easy to get to grips with. When first launching you’ll have the option to completely customize what your player looks like as well as purchase better weaponry as you progress. There is a cap in place for the beta which means you can reach a maximum of level 8.

Possibly the most drawing thing about the game is the array of weapons. They’re big, powerful and pretty much all you could ask for! As you’d expect you can create your own classes and Bungie seems to have created a weapon that’s perfectly suited to nearly every occasion. These include automatic, semi-automatic, rifles as well as lots of secondary guns including a huge chaingun which just rips through your opponents.

Obviously we’re still in the very early stages of Destiny but based on the beta I think Destiny is going to be a massive hit. This has been a very short overview of one massive game, so if you want to get a feel of it for yourself, then grab a beta code and get downloading.

Update x1: The Destiny Beta has now expired. Make sure you grab your copy when it’s officially released on September 9th.

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