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Titanfall has been out for a while now on the Xbox One, PC and was released slightly later on the 360. The first person shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA is similar in many ways to the Call of Duty series and was definitely a fresh welcome to some gamers.

The game combines ground soldiers, known as Pilots, with huge mechanical tanks called Titans which the pilots can summon, enter and then control, destroying anything in their path. You may think that everyone just enjoys jumping into a Titan and causing absolute mayhem throughout the map but the pilots are equally as fun to play as whether your trying to actively take down an opposing Titan with a rodeo kill or just stay well out of the way and play the game objective.

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There are currently 5 different game modes most of which you should be familiar with if you’ve played Call Of Duty, although they do have different names.
(1) Attrition – A great place to start if you’ve never played Titanfall before. Kill anything and everything on the enemy team to earn points. The first team to hit the score limit wins, otherwise it’s the team with the highest amount of points when the time is up.
(2) Last Titan Standing – Everybody starts in a Titan and its the first team to eliminate the opposing teams Titans or Pilots.
(3) Hardpoint Domination – Capture and hold 3 system nodes to earn points for your team. The more hardpoints you hold, the faster you earn points.
(4) Capture The Flag – Capture the enemies flag and return it to your base.
(5) Pilot Hunter – Hunt down the enemy Pilots and eliminate them to reach the score limit and win.

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As a Pilot you start with a pretty standard loadout including a primary weapon, sidearm and an anti-titan weapon alongside some other additional gear such as grenades and cloaking abilities. Your also kitted out with your own jump kit which allows you as a Pilot to double jump, wall run and pretty much perform parkour.

Straight from the box Titanfall comes with 15 default maps with the Expedition DLC set to bring another 3 maps into the mix. In terms of size they are quite balanced meaning they’re large enough to accommodate multiple Titans on each team while not taking 10 minutes for a Pilot to run from one end of the map to the other.

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I found Titanfall start to become repetitive to play after a couple of weeks and felt I had seen everything the game had to offer. The game modes on offer are limited and again these become quite boring to play after a couple of weeks. There is a ‘campaign’ mode in which Respawn Entertainment has attempted to create a story around the game. Unfortunately its a very, very weak attempt and at first really did have us confused when you see that your actually joined by other online players. The game play within the campaign matches is exactly the same as that inside a multiplayer match although it doesn’t actually matter which side is victorious within a chapter. Whether you’re victorious or not the next stage of play is exactly the same.

Our Verdict

Titanfall is a great change and addition to the FPS line-up and is a perfectly balanced game from the maps, weapon loadouts and also Titans/Pilots. By no means is the game perfect though with the lack of game modes the game will for sure become repetitive to play after just a short amount of time. The absence of a single player campaign is also a major drawback and is something that you expect as standard in today’s FPS games.



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