Hisense Announce New M7000 ULED TV



Consumer electronics giant, Hisense, announces the much anticipated second installment of ULED with its new M7000. Following on from the success of last year’s XT910, the firm has taken its proprietary ULED technology and applied it to a sleekly styled flat panel. As well as being equipped with ULED, the new M7000 also boasts 4K, HDR, local dimming and powerful smart functionality to complete the high spec offering. Sticking to the brand’s core principles of providing premium performance at an affordable price point, the M7000 retails for £799 at 55inch and £1,199 at 65inch.

Packing a quad core processor, the M7000 performs powerfully with your smart content. Easily connected by either Ethernet or Wi-Fi, the Hisense smart platform allows you access to all the best streaming services, with BBC iPlayer, Amazon Video and 4K Netflix on board, as well as exciting new video on demand service Wuaki.tv. A built in web browser allows you to freely surf the web from the sofa. For seamless integration with your other devices, Anyview Cast and Anyview Stream let you share content from your smartphone, tablet or computer onto the big screen.


The ULED Experience

Protected by 17 international patents, ULED is the ultimate 4K experience from Hisense. The suite offers enhanced colour, contrast, definition and motion by combining advanced hardware and software. The backlight control uses Local Dimming to respond dynamically to the image on screen, creating an enhanced and defined picture. Combining this with ULED it software optimises the purity and brightness of LED light, delivering an extremely wide colour gamut. As a result the M7000 is able to produce exquisite clarity and bold colours with an organic sense of reality.


High Dynamic Range

This year’s must have visual technology, High Dynamic Range (HDR), takes 4K UHD further than ever before by extending the range of colours available for enhanced realism in the picture. Allowing for finer detail in shading, HDR brings scenes to life with a level of clarity never before experienced. HDR also delivers whiter whites and blacker blacks, helping the M7000 achieve stunning levels of contrast.

Nursing Quality Survey

Available now from John Lewis/Amazon, the M7000 starts at £799.

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