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Productivity apps are technology’s newest quest to make you a more productive person. Astronomical prices, wearable devices and tiny fitness trackers that promise to tell you how many stairs you’ve climbed to bed: does anyone actually need these devices and, if so, how do we separate the wheat from the chaff?

It is the assumed flexibility that these devices afford that makes them so appealing for a worldwide customer base. Marketed as life enhancements, time optimisers and a slew of other lavish overstatements, it’s hard to know who the snake oil salesmen are and who’s genuinely interested in your sleep patterns.

One of the most interesting features of technology’s voyage into the productivity arena is the scope for making mundane everyday sort-of chores into structured tasks that—put simply—don’t take too long. Percentify is one such app that does this and promises to streamline the process of list creation. Created by digital design company, Bunny, the app sits at 79p and is available through the iStore as we speak. It’s also not alone; Wunderlist, Todoist, and a few others offer to declutter your life by turning you into some sort of hallowed guardian list keeper. It’s no easy feat and Percentify manages to excel where others fall down.

Percentify App Screen

Starting as it means to go on, Percentify has an understated interface and every icon exists because it has a function. Many list apps have a lot of superfluous buttons and gimmicky features that add little to no value – this is not the case here. The scroll function moves fluidly across Percentify’s screen and adding/updating lists is neatly explained in an opening tutorial that delineates the process in four easily digestible steps. Accessibility is key here and even productivity apps don’t always get this right.

Jon Burrow, one half of Bunny, explains: “We didn’t just want to create a list app that was useful, we wanted it to be beautiful too. One night we were looking at our designs and realised that they were fitting neatly into the mould of other list apps out there. So we took a day off work and started from scratch, with the aim of creating the best looking list app on the market.”

So, how does all this work? Imagine it’s lunchtime and you’re 20% through your list for the day. You realise, through the app’s simple percentages you’re unlikely to get everything finished. As a result you re-prioritise your tasks for the afternoon: keeping yourself at your most productive and efficient. Percentify’s ‘percentage’ system shouldn’t be taken for granted and is something that is often all too easily overlooked.


Percentify is a solid entry into the list app sector and Bunny have managed to create an app which offers unrivalled functionality without sacrificing the aesthetics of the app.



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