NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Range Extender [REVIEW]

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Today I got my hands on the NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Range Extender. For those who don’t know, a range extender won’t replace your router but will actually use it’s signal and boost it to areas that it wouldn’t otherwise reach. Like most WiFi range extenders the AC750 works with any brand of router. The device is discreet and sits in a mains wall socket completely out of the way meaning no messy wires.

NETGEAR AC750 Box & Packaging

Dual-band support improves signal quality offering both 2GHz and 5GHz WiFi connections. The wireless speed offered is up to 750Mbps via the 5GHz band.


Setting up the extender is an absolute breeze and takes just a few minutes. Once plugged into a wall socket, a WPS button helps to further speed up the connection set-up. If your router doesn’t support WPS then you’ll have manually pair the extender with your router via the gateway. Once the connection has been established the WPS LED should turn green.

When searching for an internet connection you’ll find that there are two new networks. Both of them will have your original networks name but with the extensions _2GEXT and _5GEXT on the end. Rather obviously these represent the 2GHz and 5GHz networks. You may find that the 5GHz connection doesn’t show up on some of your devices, this is because some devices don’t support this band. Connection to each is done via the same process with the same network key.

On the front you’ll also notice another 2 LEDs in the shape of an arrow. These work to help you find the optimum placement for the extender. The left arrow will blink when you need to move the extender closer to the router, while the right hand arrow blinking means you need to move your device closer to the extender. Once both of the LEDs have stopped blinking and are a solid green the optimal position has been found.

Side View of NETGEAR AC750

In addition to this the AC750 hosts a gigabit Ethernet port and a small switch. Both of these allow you to use the extender as an access point. Once you plug in a wired connection and flick the switch the access point mode  it’ll create a new WiFi hotspot. This is very useful when you only have a wired connection but would like to connect a wireless device like in some hotels.

You can also download the free NETGEAR WiFi analytics app on Android. With this you can check the network status, WiFi strength, channel interference meter and also signal strength meter.

Our Verdict

Overall the AC750 extender is a great piece of kit which I’ve been using for over a week now. In my house I have quite a few dead-zones where the wireless signal just doesn’t reach at all. After installing this extender I now receive at least 3 bars of WiFi signal in each of these places, with some even getting the full 5 bars.

Also included in the little device is the NETGEAR FastLane technology which uses both of the wireless bands together creating a single super-fast connection which is ideal for gaming and HD streaming.

The NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Range Extender is available to purchase from Amazon for £64.99 using the link below.

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