Aquapac Wet & Dry 15L Backpack

Aquapac Wet & Dry 15L Backpack Featured


Aquapac has been creating waterproof products for over 30 years when they were first founded in London in 1983. Jump forward to 2014 and this once small company is now selling their products in more than 60 countries worldwide and have also picked up 3 Queen’s Awards. Their products are 100% waterproof and also PVC free. Today I’ve got the Wet & Dry 15L Backpack to take a closer look at.

The Wet & Dry Backpack range is available in 3 different sizes: 15L, 25L and the largest being 35L. The smallest 15L backpack starts at £65.00 with each larger size costing an extra £5.00.

Rear of Aquapac Wet & Dry Backpack

In appearence the bag is very plain and has no external pockets/pouches except for the 2 mesh side pockets. It also doesn’t boast any bright or stand out colours to catch your attention but instead is minimal and simple. In terms of weight the backpack is extremely light which is so important for bags such as this, especially when you could potentially and more than likely be lugging around heavy gear.

If your a regular hiker or just someone who enjoys the outdoors then you’ll probably be familiar we the 3-fold or 3-roll seal, and this is exactly what Aquapac has used on this particular product. The seal is extremely effective and we performed a number of waterproof tests with it. We placed a number of moisture detectors inside the bag and around the seal and dunked it under water for a couple of minutes. Once removed the test papers showed absolutely no signs of moisture present within the bag and therefore evidently proves that the seal system works. The 3-fold system is also secured with a buckle clip and 2 toggles which can be placed through the 2 loops near the opening.

Aquapac Wet & Dry Backpack Word

Also located on the front of the bag you’ll find the Aquapac branding and a large tether. Attached to the tether is an included carabiner which is useful for securing items externally such a climbing gear. 2 mesh pockets located on the side of the bag are perfect for carrying a water bottle, or even a small camera tripod.

The bag has 2 breathable straps which are an absolute must if your using this bag throughout the Summer. For added support and stability a chest clip and waist belt are also available although they aren’t detachable. If needs be the waist clip can be fixed around the front of the bag using the provided carabiner. The built in back support is located in a pouch fastened with velcro which means it can be removed if needed. The support is great for using as a seat if really needed and the pouch is also the perfect size to store a hydration pack – a great little feature.

On the inside you’ll find another small loop which could be used to attach keys etc. There is also a bright yellow/green internal pouch which allows you to keep any wet clothes or items seperate from those which are dry. This is closed with a heavy duty velcro strap across the top. Located on the front of this pouch is a smaller see-through one perfect for storing keys, a passport etc and is secured with another 3-fold seal. The whole of this inner pouch is removable with a zipper located at the top of the bag.


The Aquapac Wet & Dry Backpack is a simple yet very technical bag. The waterproof system is superb along with the taped seams. Aquapac really have created an all terrain and all weather bag which looks great and will stand up to pretty much any outdoor activity.

Costing £65.00 for the 15L bag some would see it as a little expensive, but for technicality involved in it’s manufacture I think it’s worth every penny.



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