Budsband Packaging Concept


I know I’m not the only one who has been in the situation where you neatly pack away your earphones into your bag/case, only to pull them out later on to find a horrendous tangled mess. I for one have scoured the internet and exhausted Google trying to find a product that is simple and cheap yet effective at keeping headphone wires tidy. Many companies have invented their own solutions including velcro, plastic spools and many others. 99% of the time these include having another item which is carried separately in your pocket until its needed. Well no more! Say hello to the Budsband.

Budsband Plug

The Budsband is a simple, silicone cable management system which enables to you wrap your headphones wires to ensure they remain tangle-free. It specifically designed to remain attached to your cord when not being used which means you won’t be left with a useless piece of rubber in your pocket which could easily get lost. Not only does it keep your wires tangle-free but you can also tether the cord and shorten it to keep excess length out of the way such as when you’re running or working out.

Budsband Tether

When using it for the first time I struggled to get to grips with exactly how to use it, but after watching the demonstration video and practicing a few times it just came naturally. Once installed on the end of your cord you’re ready to go – simple yet extremely effective!


The Budsband is such a simple idea that we’re surprised nobody has come up with it before now. The product is still currently in it’s KickStarter stage, although with less than 24 hours remaining you’ll have to be quick if you wish to back the project. Originally the project was looking for just $5,000, but has massively exceeded this reaching over $30,000.

A simple and effective product which I shall continue using for the foreseeable future.

*(Our review items were production samples and may not represent that of the final product)


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