Ten One Design Magnus iPad Stand [REVIEW]

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Ten One Design’s Magnus iPad Stand is a minimalist dock that blends effortlessly in with your device, so much so that you can the mount itself is difficult to see.

Magnus Stand

The Magnus is manufactured from aluminium and if you own an iMac is very similar to the screens foot or in fact the body of an iPad 2. Your iPad isn’t clipped onto or plugged into the mount as we are used to seeing, but in fact uses magnets which latch onto the ones inside the iPad used for the smart cover. A small strip of rubber separates the magnets and the iPad although ours kept coming loose for some reason.

Back of Magnus Stand

On the bottom you’ll find 4 small rubber feet which helps the mount to grip surfaces when the iPad is mounted and also prevents it slipping around when tapping the screen. Due to the way the mount works however there is a major drawback which is that you can only ‘really’ mount the iPad in the landscape orientation. Although its possible for the iPad to stay mounted in portrait its near impossible to use as the tiny lip won’t do much in preventing it from falling and potentially damaging your device. Therefore we recommend you don’t even try to dock it in portrait.

The Magnus iPad Stand only allows for one viewing angle only but rest assured it is the perfect angle for watching movies or YouTube videos so you shouldn’t have any problems. It does however restrict movement and sunlight reflections can sometimes be a problem because of this.

Magnus With iPad

Our Verdict

The Magnus is a great looking stand that could easily be mistaken for an accessory made by Apple itself. The manufacturing of the stand is absolutely great although the small lip that holds the iPad in place is so small that it does sometimes make you feel on edge when tapping the screen. Thankfully the integrated magnets do their job and ensure that your device doesn’t come crashing down.

You can check out the Magnus over at the Ten One Design website or even purchase your own for $49.95.



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