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You may or may not have heard all the rave about these little things, and they’ve only recently gone on sale in the UK. Whether your EarPods just don’t want to stay in your ear or you just want to make them a little more comfortable and unique looking, this is probably the route you’ll want to go.

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Blue SPRNG™ Clips In-Ear

The SPRNG Clips are made for people who struggle to keep the Apple EarPod’s in their ears and can be used by any age group. The product consists of a plastic clip, with a strip of flexible silicone on the end that hooks into your ear to help keep them there.
The actual clip part that snaps onto your EarPod is a white plastic, while the silicone comes in a variety of colours including grey, blue, lime and pink. There is no indicator to left/right as it really doesn’t matter which way round you install them on the headphones. On the back of the silicone you will find the text ‘sprng’ embossed.

Installing the clips is incredibly simple and you can either snap or slide them onto the earphones. Once installed you can then adjust each clip so that it better fits each ear.
Now I must admit I haven’t had any major problems with the EarPods falling out of my ears during normal use, only a few times when I have been working out or jogging. I decided the best way for me to test them would be to go on a short run. Surprisingly they work a lot better than I thought they would. Not once did they feel like they were slipping or going to fall out and wow, were they comfortable to wear. I would actually say that the SPRNG Clips make the EarPods more comfortable to wear than without them. As I jogged by the beach I actually attempted to try and get them to fall out by exaggerating head movements, (yes, I looked extremely weird) but still they wouldn’t budge.

Pink Sprng Clips

Pink SPRNG™ Clips

Obviously ifyou’re thinking of purchasing these to improve the sound quality of the Apple EarPods, then you’re greatly mistaken and these will do no such thing, except to help keep them in your ears and make them a little more comfortable. So if you are looking for better sound quality then you’re better off looking for another pair of headphones.

Our Verdict

The best thing about the SPRNG Clip is that they do exactly what they’re supposed to – keeping the Apple EarPods from falling from your ears. If you are one of these unfortunate people, then thankfully this is your solution. Looking for better sound quality from the EarPods, then the  SPRNG Clips will just not do this. Although being advertised as only working with the newest EarPods we tried them on the old Apple headphones and they seemed to work just fine!

If this is what you’re looking for, you can pick up a pair of  the  SPRNG™ Clips in the UK using the link below for just £8.99!



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