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We’re all for gadgets and fun toys here at RR, and that’s exactly what we’ve got here today. We’re seeing more and more products that can be controlled via your smartphone and the TobyRich SmartPlane is one of them.

At first we thought this was going to be another toy that after a few times of playing with it would break and that was the fun over. Thankfully this little plane proved us wrong.

TobyRich SmartPlane Top

The first thing you notice when unpacking the product is just how light the plane is! It weighs just 10g which has been achieved by constructing the whole body out of lightweight but strong styrofoam. The whole movement of the plane is controlled via the smartphone app as it glides through the air. On the underside of the lightweight plane you’ll find a power switch and a micro-USB charging port. A charging cable is included in the box and once you start charging a small blue LED will flash to indicate that the battery is receiving power.

TobyRich SmartPlane Flying

The iOS app is compatible with the iPhone 4s upwards and iPad 3rd generation and newer. In terms of use it incredibly simple and easy to use and you need no prior experience or practice. You’ll first have to pair your device with the plane via Bluetooth which takes a matter of seconds. Once connection has been successful you’ll be taken to a new screen where the fun can begin. You’ll be presented with a few dials and a monitor. These will display battery level, Bluetooth signal strength as well as a compass. There is also a slider where you can adjust the propeller speed.

TobyRich SmartPlane App

To steer the plane you must tilt your device. In turn this moves the fin at the rear and will send your plane in the direction you tilt your phone. In terms of the range of the Bluetooth you can reach up to about 60m according to TobyRich. We tested this out and are pleased to say that we managed to reach the full 60m without any drop in connection.

As mentioned earlier you must charge the planes battery to enable you to actually use it. A single 20 minute charge will allow you to fly your aircraft for around 5-8 minutes and although this doesn’t sound very long its enough time have some great fun with it.

Our Verdict

When first unpacking the styrofoam plane I wasn’t really convinced that it was worth the ¬£40 asking price. With its styrofoam body I was sure that after a couple of flights I would be left with a few pieces of broken styrofoam. Fortunately this wasn’t the case and not only did we have great fun flying the plane, but the styrofoam exterior also stood strong.

The iOS app is well designed and incredibly easy to use and navigate. After just a short amount of time using you’ll be able to fly and steer your plane with ease.

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