How To Reduce Roaming Charges While Abroad

KnowRoaming Applicator


I’m sure most of us have been abroad only to return home to a huge phone bill that you didn’t realise you were racking up while enjoying your time away. The fees that carriers charge to use your phone abroad are extremely high, which leads most people to leave their devices turned off or in the hotel throughout their stay.


Say hello to KnowRoaming. Simply put they provide a product which takes the form of a sticker to ensure that you don’t occur these high costs. Attach the sticker to your current SIM and it’ll connect you to the local networks in over 200 countries worldwide.

KnowRoaming Sticker

So what do I have to do? Once you’ve attached the sticker to your SIM, thats it! From then onwards it’ll be able to detect when you’re at home or abroad. When abroad the sticker will take over from your regular SIM and switch you onto the KnowRoaming network allowing you to connect to the local networks.

Once you return home the sticker will switch you back to your regular network, and the sticker will remain dormant until you head overseas again. However it isn’t possible to be connected to both your regular network and the KnowRoaming network at the same time.


The sticker will cost you $29.99, for which you will get the sticker and applicator, needed to properly attach it to your SIM card. KnowRoaming will also credit your account with $15 if you happen to activate it within two weeks of receiving it.

KnowRoaming Box

For unlimited data they currently charge $7.99 per day. As for phone calls, prices will vary depending on where you are calling to, and from which country, but they are considerably cheaper (up to 90%!). A major positive is that your existing caller ID will still appear when making outgoing calls.

The Bad

After looking over everything we could possibly find about KnowRoaming, it really doesn’t seem like there is anything ‘bad’ about it! However there are two things that you need to know!

For KnowRoaming to work your mobile device needs be an unlocked GSM model, unfortunately CDMA (Verizon & Sprint) models are not currently supported. If you’re unsure if your device is unlocked you can contact your mobile service provider.

Whats in the box KnowRoaming

You’ll also need one of the following supported devices:

– Android 4.0+ devices
– iPhone 4S or newer
– Windows Phones
– iPads
– Android tablets

Unfortunately Blackberry isn’t supported – but who still has one of those HA! The sticker will work on all SIM card sizes including nano, micro and mini (full-sized).

Mobile App

You can download the mobile app available for iOS and Android which enables you to track your usage, check the different calling rates and your account balance.

So if you’re looking for a way to reduce roaming charges while abroad, the KnowRoaming sticker seems like a very simple and easy choice to do so! Check them out using the link below.



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