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There are a number of external batteries on the market which all have the same purpose and therefore it’s just about finding the right one for you in terms of looks, battery capacity and features.

Enerpak Plus Front View

The dual USB Enerpak Plus contains a huge 8,000 mAh rechargeable battery which would enable you to recharge you phone up to 4 times. In terms of other activity the 8,000 mAh capacity is enough for up to 35 hours web browsing, 42 hours talk time, 35 hours video playback, 150 hours music playback, 35 hours game play and 1200 hours standby time. Even with this large capacity the uNu Enerpak Plus still manages to remain lightweight and portable.

Enerpak Plus Charging iPad

Moving to the front of the device we will find two USB ports, and flashlight and also a micro USB port. The USB are clearly labelled for what devices should be connected to which whether its a smartphone or a tablet. The tablet port provides 5V/2.1A output whereas the smartphone port will provide your device with 5V/1A. This means you can also recharge your devices simultaneously. The micro USB port is used to re-charge the battery pack and a cable to do so is included in the box.

2 Enerpak Black Front

To the side of the battery pack is a small button which when pressed twice quickly will activate the flashlight on the front. To power the battery on you simply press the button once and the LED will light up for a couple of seconds to show this. After a minute of inactivity the device will automatically switch off. The different colours shown by the LED will indicate the amount of charge left: Blue = 66%-100%, Green = 33%-66% and Red = 5%-33%.

In our tests the battery pack recharged an iPhone 5 a complete 4 times before running out of juice, which would be perfect if you’re going for a weekend away and think you’ll struggle to find a power source.

Our Verdict

This product by uNu is great and they seem to have balanced portability and battery capacity well. We like that we can charge a tablet and smartphone at the same time with the dual USB ports as well. The product is reasonably well built although the plastic is a magnet for fingerprints and some may prefer a metal exterior. All Enerpaks also come with a 1-year warranty so you can be sure that’ll you never be without a backup power supply. I for sure will be throwing out my old external battery in favour for this.

The Enerpak Dual USB Battery Pack will set you backĀ $79.95 over at the uNu website. Check it out below.


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