Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5 / 5S Protective Case


This robust hard-wearing case is sold by Urban Armor Gear (UAG). They are on-line retailer who sell their cases worldwide through their webstore and electronic retailers. Since starting up UAG have gained recognition for the hard wearing cases and they are used by everyday people to those who also enjoy extreme sports.
Founded in South California, they continue to design and manufacture these cases for even the newest phones including the iPhone 5S/5C.

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The case itself is made from a hardened composite material with a soft impact resistant core, which helps to keep your device from even minor scratches and cracks to even the worst drops that could destroy your phone completely. They manufacture this by fusing a hard outer shell with the soft impact resistant core.
The case provides 360 degree protection with the supplied crystal clear HD screen protector, soft rubberised screen surround and rear skid pads. With all of these features your phone really is well and truly protected from. The rear skid pads are located in each of the 4 corners and help to stop the phone from moving.

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Inserting the phone into the case was quite easy and clipped right into place. When in the cover the phone is completely secure and you don’t have to worry about it falling out. The rubberised sides help to keep it in place and it doesn’t move a single bit. They also keep the phone rubbing against the hard outer shell and removing the finish from your £400+ phone (which I have known some cases to do).

Removing the phone is a little more difficult than inserting it but this is due to the rubber lining keeping the phone in place. I have found the best way to do this is to push the phone through the camera hole while slightly pulling back on the sides so the phone edges its way out. You can then pull the phone right out.

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  • 1x UAG composite case
  • 1x HD ultra clear screen protector
  • 1x Microfibre cloth

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As mentioned before the case is made from a composite material with a soft core to reduce impact shocks. The volume rocker and also the lock button are protected by oversized buttons, which allow them to be easily used while having the protection of the case around them. The ports on the bottom of the phone don’t have any kind of cover but the case thickness would provide sufficient protection if dropped directly on its end. With most cases you have to remove the case to insert some 3.5mm aux cables. I have a range of these and tried every single one, including those which I have had to previously remove the cases for. This time around each one fitted perfectly into the jack without me having to remove the case. A massive positive!
On the rear of the phone there is again no cover for the camera and flash but the thickness of the case provides sufficient protection against any drops. Another positive is that the flash isn’t interfered with so there is no glare on photos when fitted with the case.

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Overall the Urban Armor Gear case has performed well in all areas from protection to everyday usability. Once the case is on there really isn’t any need to remove the case as the screen, buttons and rear of the device are all protected to some degree. Even with the case fitted the phone is comfortable to use and it really does feel solid. Nearly no bulk is added so it will still fit into small pockets nicely and will not slip around thanks to the anti-slip pads on the rear.

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– Lightweight compound
– Hard-wearing & strong material
– Heavy duty button coverings
– Audio jack easily accessible
– Doesn’t add to much bulk to your device
– 360 degree protection

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– Little difficult to remove phone


The case is well worth the $34.95 (which equates to about £21.61) and I suggest anybody who partakes in sports with their phones on them goes and buys one of these cases. It gets a well deserved 5 stars from me, as I failed to find even one negative with the case.



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