Case Logic Protective iPad / 10″ Tablet Case [REVIEW]

QTS-210-BLACK Case Logic iPad Case


Case Logic’s iPad / 10″ Tablet Case is a lightweight, seat belt inspired case that will fit your 1st-4th generation iPad as well as most 10-inch tablets including Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 and also the Nexus 10.

The body of the case itself is made from molded EVA foam which provides semi-rigid outside protection. The best way to explain this is if you think of a hard shell case, then this product is slightly more bendy and durable than that which offers more flexibility when in use.

Case Logic iPad Case Closed

Moving inside the case you’ll find 4 elastic corner straps which keep your tablet in place during use. We found these to work best with the iPad tablet and this device felt most secure when the case was fitted. The whole inside is lined with a soft padded nylon fabric which will help to absorb any knocks and also ensure your screen remains scratch free.

Kickstand Case Logic iPad Case

On the reverse to where your tablet sits you’ll find the hidden kickstand. The stand is kept in place when not in use by 2 small pieces of Velcro and when needs to be used can be done so easily. Once the stand is opened out you’ll need to reinforce it with the ‘reinforcement base’ which is hidden under it. Failure to do this will result in a unstable and weak stand that when used may just keep collapsing. With the kickstand deployed you have the choice of 2 viewing angles. Case Logic have included a reversible zip which allows the case to open upon itself and be secured into its original form.

Case Logic iPad Case Holding

The dimensons of the case are 8.3 x 1.4 x 11.1 (Length x Width x Height), which means the width of the case it a little thicker than most. This is due to the padding, protection but also the style of case that it is. It also weighs around 4.22 lb.

Our Verdict

Case Logic have done well with this protective case and although it may not be the ideal choice if your just using it around the house we think it’s a great option if your on business and traveling around. The case offers complete protection of your device which is ideal when travelling, although it does completely restrict access to it’s ports, buttons and other functions while protected.

The product will set you back $29.99 on the Case Logic website and is available in both black and purple. You can head over there to check them out.



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