Case Logic surefit Universal Folio [REVIEW]

Case Logic surefit Folio


With each new device that gets released case manufacturers need to update and create new cases to fit these individual devices. Whats even better are universal cases which aren’t catered to just a single device but instead a whole range. One of these is the Case Logic surefit Universal Folio.

Case Logic surefit Case Stand

This universal folio doesn’t offer a great deal in terms of protection and there is absolutely no padding whatsoever on the folio. Situated across the front we have thick-ish rubber band which helps to keep the case closed when it’s shut. Unfortunately Case Logic have left out the usual magnetic sleep/wake functionality that we’re used to seeing which is a major drawback. If this was implemented then the need for the elastic band would also be removed.

Case Logic surefit Case Closed

Opening the case up you’ll find three plastic hooks which you can secure your device into. On the left you have a single edge hook, and on the right you’ll find two corner hooks. The corner hooks are elasticated so can be extended to fit a variety of tablet sizes including the Galaxy and Nexus. Once your tablet is fitted it feels secure but unfortunately the lack of protection really does let it down, and if dropped I’m sure the plastic clips won’t exactly offer much protection.

One the opposite face of the case there are 3 grooves to which the kickstand foot lies in. This allows the user to set the iPad at 3 different angles which should be absolutely fine for any user.

Our Verdict

The surefit universal folio is a slick case and is reasonably priced at £34.99, although you can currently pick it up on for just over £33. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be the case of choice for myself and I think there are far better balanced cases on the market in terms of protection, aesthetics and device harnessing. The folio is available in 3 colours: Phlox (Pink), Black and Morel (Grey).

Still, you can check out this case by following the link below.



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