Everything Tablet Flip Case for iPad Air [REVIEW]

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This Everything Tablet Flip Case for iPad Air has aimed to get a balance between protection and usability while also keeping the case lightweight and portable just like the device itself.

The exterior of the case is covered in a grey textured canvas while half of the front is also covered in a bright orange leather. The two contrast each other making for an eye catching case that can’t be missed. It seems that there aren’t currently any other colour options available so unfortunately if you’re not a fan of the orange, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Everything Tablet Flip Case Whole

Moving to the interior of the case you’ll find it covered with a dark grey micro-fiber to ensure the screen remains scratch free and protected. On the right hand side of the case you’ll find the iPad Air cradle which will actually hold your device and ensure it stays in place. The cradle is made from plastic and has small cut-outs for all of the iPad features. The cradle itself offers more protection than the one found in the Everything Tablet 360 Degree case we reviewed recently due to it having no full-length cut-outs for buttons etc.

Everything Tablet Flip Case Standing

On the left side of the case you’ll find two small slots which are perfect for placing credit or business cards in. Also built into this side of the case are the magnets which help to keep the case closed when the iPad isn’t in use. These also activate the iPads sleep/wake function.

Everything Tablet Flip Case Card Slots

On the rear of the case you’ll see a further two cut outs for the camera and microphone. These are cleanly finished with no fraying material which continues with the high quality craftsmanship of this case.

In terms of docking the iPad there are no grooves to place the cradle into to steady your device when typing or drawing but instead relies on a unique anti-slip material to stop the iPad from slipping around. After testing this it works relatively well but I would also liked to have seen a couple of grooves just to add that little extra stability especially when typing.

Our Verdict

This case is great, it’s extremely light meaning you can be sure that it won’t be adding much bulk onto your device which is normally a key factor when purchasing a protective case for your iPad. The only negative I could find about this case is that there are no set angles for activities such as typing which can become quite annoying at times.

The case can be picked up for £27.50 over at the Everything Tablet website below.

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