Everything Tablet iPad Air Rotating Case [REVIEW]

Everything Tablet 360 Case Featured


This case from Everything Tablet is made specifically for the iPad Air and follows the regular folio-style we’re used to seeing. Instead of using a clasp the case uses a thick elastic band which stretches over each side of the case to keep it closed. The whole case is covered in a red carbon fiber-like material which looks aesthetically great. You can also grab it in black carbon fiber and vibrant orange if the red isn’t for you.

Everything Tablet Folio in packaging

On the inside of the case you’ll find that its lined with soft scratch resistant micr0-fiber material to ensure that your screen is safe and isn’t damaged if dropped or knocked. Also mounted on the inside is the plastic holster used to mount your iPad. The holster works well and your device feels secure and safe when clipped in place. Once mounted your device will actually spin a whole 360 degrees meaning you can use your iPad in either landscape or portrait mode.

On the opposite side to where you mount your iPad you’ll see that there are 3 grooves which allow you to dock your device in both the orientations.

ET 360 Case Landscape

The spinning hinge which allows the iPad to spin the 360 degrees actually allows for the iPad’s rear apple logo to show through the back of the case which is a real nice feature that is all too often covered up. The plastic holster has cut-outs for all of the iPad functions including volume buttons and mute switch. The top and bottom of the holster have full-length cut-outs which mean they aren’t as protected as the edges, although this does help with accessibility.

The overall protection offered by the case is good and is sure to keep your device safe from any knocks. As you’d expect to see the case does also have built-in magnets to activate the iPad’s sleep/wake function.

ET With iPad

Our Verdict

The Everything Tablet 360 degree iPad Air case is a great offering. Whether your watching films, writing emails or even playing games you’ll be able to carry them all out with ease thanks to being able to dock your device in both landscape and portrait orientations. The docking grooves work well but we found that when docked in the groove furthest away the iPad became a little less stable and therefore was harder to type on-screen. Overall though a great little case for your iPad Air and I would highly recommend it.

The case will set you back a very reasonable £29.99 and you can grab it on the Everything Tablet website below.



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