iT7 Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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iT7 is a brand we’ve been impressed with in the past after reviewing their iT7x2 wireless headphones. The company, run by former professional footballer Ian Taylor, has just released two brand new speakers. Today I’m taking a closer look at the smaller, and less pricey of the pair – the iT7 Mini Bluetooth Speaker.


The cube shaped speaker measures in 8.4cm x 7.9cm x 8.8cm and weighs 526 grams meaning it’s small and light enough to take away with you. The square design aids with packing and a rubber handle is helpful when transporting.

iT7 Mini

On the front face of the speaker you’ll find the company branding, a status LED and the speaker grill. This is not a 360-degree speaker and therefore the audio will be directed forwards only.


On top of the iT7 Mini is the touch control interface and the built-in microphone. The touch interface gives you control over volume, skipping tracks, pairing devices and accepting/rejecting calls.

Also hidden away inside is an NFC chip, which allows you to connect compatible devices by simply tapping your device on-top of the unit. Having tested this, it works seamlessly and I was connected in less than 5 seconds!

iT7 Mini Rear

As well as NFC, the iT7 Mini supports connection through Bluetooth and via a 3.5mm aux cable in the rear of the unit. Also located on the back is a power switch and a microUSB port for charging.

Thanks to the integrated microphone you can make and recieve calls.


The volume of audio that this small speaker can produce is very impressive. No matter which room I decided to use it the iT7 Mini has no trouble at all filling it with music.

iT7 Mini Side View

High volume is sometimes paired with a drop in audio quality, however, iT7 have managed to avoid this. The speaker has a great soundstage and provides a deep bass with crisp highs when needed.




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