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The Stellé Audio Pillar is an absolutely beautiful speaker and straight out of its box you can tell that hours and hours of work have been put into it’s design. As the name suggests the speaker comes in the form of a 12 inch tall pillar with a 4.5 inch diameter. The elegant speaker weighs in at 3lb and therefore isn’t exactly the most portable speaker on the market.

StelleAudio Pillar Full Length

The exterior is finished in brushed metal which covers the full length of the pillar. It feels great in the hand and is absolutely solid, although you probably don’t want to be dropping and bashing it around seeing as it’s got a bit of weight. Not only that but you don’t want to be scratching and denting the immaculate bronzed metal.

When you realise what this speaker has inside you’ll understand why its so tall. The brushed metal exterior houses a 3-inch sub-woofer and two 1.5-inch drivers. Together they punch out great sounding and balanced audio. Vocals sound crisp and can be heard clearly, while the bass still has it’s oomphh without being overpowering. One thing we will say however is that because of the design of the pillar the stereo sound field is extremely narrow making it sound like that of a mono output.

Pillar Speaker Base

On the base of the speaker you’ll find a small array of ports. The speaker is Bluetooth ready so you can connect your device wirelessly, but in addition to this you’ll find your standard 3.5mm aux port for a wired connection. Along the base you’ll also find a small power button, a charging port and a 5V USB output.

Speaker Top Controls

Moving onto the top of the speaker you’ll find another four buttons: a pairing button, speakerphone button and also two seperate volume buttons. Pairing with a device is extremely easy and can be done in a matter of seconds. An Australian voice will inform you when connection is successful. This voice will also give you numerous other notifications such as when you power on/off the device, and the Australian accent is a refreshing change to the normal beeps you normally get.

Throughout our tests the built-in battery lasted for around 11/12 hours whilst continuously playing music at a relatively loud volume. This is slightly less than the advertised time of 15 hours but we have no doubt that if you reduce the volume to a slightly less loudness then it’ll have no problems lasting for the full 15 hours.

Pillar In Bedroom


Not only is the Stellé Audio Pillar a gorgeous looking piece of kit but it really does excel in terms of audio quality as well. I wouldn’t go as far as saying the Pillar is a portable option weighing in as 1.4kg, but more of a stay at home speaker that can be moved around if needed thanks to its built in battery. The £300 price tag of the speaker may be enough to put some people off, but you’re getting a great piece of kit that overall performs very, very well, although it won’t be replacing your dedicated hi-fi system just yet.

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