Cambridge Audio Minx Go Speaker [REVIEW]

Minx Go Featured Gold Award


The Cambridge Audio Minx Go is the baby of the Minx speaker family with the bigger and more expensive speakers being the Air 100 and Air 200. Unlike these 2 parent speakers the Minx Go costs just £100 and supports Bluetooth streaming as well as the usual 3.5mm auxiliary input.

The speaker measures in at 4.8 x 9.3 x 2.4 inches (Height x Width x Depth) and weighs 2.4 pounds meaning it’s pretty bulky and heavy to be lugging around compared to most ‘portable’ speakers. The speaker is gently curved and the front boasts a metal mesh covering which looks great giving the speaker a sleek, minimalist look. The back of the speaker is coated in a glossy white or glossy black depending on the colour you’ve purchased. It also houses the charging port, 3.5 auxillary port and a USB port. When the device is charging the USB port can be used to charge a smartphone or tablet which is great feature.

Minx Go Buttons

Moving onto the top of the speaker you’ll find 3 buttons: 2 volume and a single power button. A swivel foot on the bottom also provides extra stability when the speaker is standing. This is rubberized along with the whole bottom which provides extra grip and helps to avoid any vibrations while in use.


Setting up the speaker is incredibly easy and straight-forward. To switch on the speaker simply press the power button once, and then double press to activate the Bluetooth connectivity. The Minx Go can then be found by any Bluetooth device and paired. You can then hit play and your audio will begin to stream through the Minx Go. There is no input switch, and therefore the speaker just prioritizes the Bluetooth connection over the auxiliary input.

Minx Go Input Ports

Sound Performance

For a speaker the size of this, which only costs £100 the sound quality is very impressive. The rear-mounted bass radiator does it’s job well and produces a deep but not overpowering bass presence. It also fits in well with the 2 titanium tweeters and twin 2″ woofers. When they all work together a crisp, clean yet natural sound is produced.

When playing The XX – Islands the Minx Go’s soundstage comes into it’s own and while the vocals sound pure and natural the backing bass and guitars are also extremely crisp. With the volume increased to near maximum no distortion can be heard or noticed over the Bluetooth or wired connection. In terms of performance difference between the two, we did notice the audio sounded ever so slightly rougher over Bluetooth than it did over the wired connection, but it’s something that your everyday listener will struggle to pick up on.

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Our Verdict

The Cambridge Audio Minx Go receives a glowing 5-stars. For just £100 it seems like unbelievable value for money. The speaker comes with it’s own travel sleeve, and while the battery only takes a mere 2 hours to charge it will give you a play time of around 18 hours at what Cambridge Audio call background listening levels.

I highly suggest you head on over to the Cambridge Audio website and check out not only the Minx Go but the whole range of speakers they have on offer.



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