Antec SP1 Bluetooth Speaker [REVIEW]

Antec SP1 Orange Speaker


Portable speakers are constantly improving in quality while their size continues to decrease. If you’re budget doesn’t quite stretch to something a little bigger and better then a small portable speaker such as the Antec SP1 may be worth looking at. Its stiff competition in this category so lets to how the Antec product shapes up.

Antec SP1 Speaker In Packaging

The speaker measures in at 158mm x 41mm x 62mm (Height x Width x Depth) and weighs 0.38kg. This means the speaker is pretty small and makes it ultra portable.

In terms of aesthetics there are certainly more interesting and better looking speakers out there on the market. The whole outside of the unit is covered in rubber and ensures that any bumps or knocks don’t leave a mark, although it does feel a little weird to carry. The front and back are covered with plastic with holes punched through them, through which you can see a fabric covering.

SP1 Text Speaker

On the top of the unit you’ll find 3 rubber covered buttons including the volume and also a center button used for answering/ending calls as well as pairing. You’ve also got the microphone located on the top. Down the right hand side of the unit you’ll find the power switch, a 3.5 auxiliary input and miro-USB port for charging. Located beneath the power switch are a series of LEDs which indicate the battery status.

The SP1 is wireless  and relies on Bluetooth to make a connection with smartphones and other devices. Connecting to the speaker is a simple process and is done by holding the center button for 6 seconds. You then add a bluetooth device like you would any other.

Antec SP1 + Cables

Sound Quality

The quality of audio produced by the Antec SP1 is good but the bass produced is very very weak. The higher tones and vocals on the other hand are clear and crisp and the more subtle elements of some songs can be clearly made out. Once you start increasing the volume on the speaker the sound does start to become a little distorted but only when you reach the very top end volume.

Our Verdict

The SP1 produces well balanced audio and the unit seems the perfect speaker to have perched on your desk especially if you’re trying to save space. The only thing that lets it down on the audio quality side is the weak bass but it’s probably not a deal breaker for most people. The battery lasts for around 10 hours so you should be able to get plenty of playback time.

You can check out this product and more over at the Antec website below.



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