Gamers Edge Eyewear [REVIEW]

Games Edge Eyewear Featured


We recently reviewed a pair of glasses from possibly the most popular gaming eye wear brand around – Gunnar Optiks. It must be said that Gunnar aren’t the only gaming eye wear company around and today we’ve managed to get our hands on a pair of the Gamers Edge Gaming Glasses.

Gamers Edge Glasses Packaging

In the box you get the glasses and carrying pouch something which was missing from the Gunnar set, so it’s nice to see it being included here. We were sent the aviator style glasses which in my opinion would be the most common, and if you were to wear any of them out in public it’d definitely be these.

The glasses themselves are made from very thin metal which could be easily bent if sat on so you must take care with them. A major positive of them being manufactured from this material is that it makes the glasses ultra lightweight and therefore they’re incredibly comfortable to wear for extended periods and sometimes even forget you’ve got them on!

Gamers Edge Glasses + Cover

The lenses work exactly the same as they do in the Intercept Colors we previously looked at and VC Eyewear mention on their website that they’re coated with exclusive iEdge filtered lens technology. This special coating filters out artificial light and therefore reduces the strain on your eyes whilst also making your screen image sharper and clearer.

Gamers Edge Glasses 3

In our opinion they work just as well as the Gunnar Optik glasses we tested and again offered a more pleasurable viewing and gaming experience. The lens colouring is far more noticable when your not sat under artificial light and therefore would only recommend using them when you’re doing so.

As mentioned before the glasses themselves will not give you a competitive advantage over other gamers but may make your viewing/gaming experience more enjoyable depending on your existing setup and environment.

Gamers Edge Glasses 4

One thing we did notice with these glasses is that the plastic covers on the end of the frames didn’t seem to be perfectly fitted. Every time that we placed the glasses on and removed them hair seemed to get caught in this tiny gap and get pulled. Although this isn’t a major problem it becomes very annoying and happened to us 80% of the time when using ours.

I’ve noticed that not all glasses have these plastic covers on the end of the frames and therefore you may not experience this on different styles.

Our Verdict

In terms of performance I would put them on par with the Gunnar Optiks lenses. They’re cheaper and work just as well but unfortunately the build quality falls just under that of its competitor. Overall though they’re still a good product and do exactly as advertised.

A pair of the Gamer Edge Glasses will cost you £29.99 and you can grab them from LimeXB by following the link below!



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