Gunnar Optiks Intercept Colors [REVIEW]

Gunnar Intercept Colors Kryptonite


Ever since I had heard that there was gaming eye wear available I thought it was a complete gimmick, although I had never actually tested them out, until now. Gunnar Optiks create glasses which are purposely made for gaming and when using computers/televisions. Gunnar have sent us over a pair of their Intercept Color glasses for us to try out and test.

Gunnar have been around for many years now and they’re quite well known due to their ties with the professional gaming community. They say that the glasses are meant to reduce digital eye strain, improve comfort and focus as well as preventing your eyes from drying.

Gunnar Intercept Colors Packaging

One thing you’ll notice that’s similar with most glasses you purchase from Gunnar are the amber tinted lenses. These lenses help to filter out harsh artificial light which can cause strain on your eyes and in turn cause regular headaches.

If you’ve ever used an app on your computer called f.lux then the lenses in the glasses work a little bit in the same way. They reduce the harshness of colors on your screen and makes them easier to look at.

Gunnar Intercept Color Side View

They also claim to keep your eyes moist by keeping dryer air currents away from your eyes. This is done by the shape of the lenses. Unfortunately I’m not a regular wearer of glasses and therefore I didn’t really notice any difference in ‘drier eyes’.

If you’d like to use these in the office but have a job where you need to see colors clearly, then Gunnars also do a clear lens. This clear lens has an anti-reflective layer installed which helps to cut down on glare and hopefully reduce eye fatigue.

Another great thing is that if you do happen to wear prescription lenses then Gunnar have got you covered here as well as they offer a wide range of prescription lenses.

Gunnar Intercept Colors Front

The Intercept Colors glasses come in 5 different vibrant colors including Fire, Cobalt, Ink, Ghost and our color Kryptonite.

The glasses are surprisngly comfortable to wear. The plastic frames are strong and durable while a curved nose rest distributes the weight evenly and eliminates pressure points.

Our Verdict

While the Gunnar Optiks Intercept Colors don’t actually improve your gaming, they will improve your gaming and work environment. After wearing them for a couple hours whilst gaming and watching the TV my eyes definitely didn’t feel as strained, and it was much easier to look directly at the screen, especially in my study where I work under quite bright and hard lighting.

A pair of the Intercept Colors cost $69.00, and if you’re not a fan of these hipster lenses then you can check out their other designs and styles by following the link below.



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