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So you may remember that in February 2014 I was sent a pre-release version of the Wally Bifold Wallet. I reviewed the wallet and decided to give it a respectable 8.5/10! It wasn’t all smooth however and a few problems were found with it, the most major being that one of the pull-tabs didn’t retract fully as though it was measured incorrectly. This time I’m back with a review of the final product which you can actually purchase from them! Lets see if they’ve managed to fix the issues, or if there’re any new ones!

Wally Bifold Box

There are a few changes to this final version of the Wally Bifold. The first change which I noticed instantly was that one of the pull-tabs was now black, meaning they were different colours. I’ve been using the Bifold I received in February for a while now and I pull the wrong tab all too often to find the card that I actually wanted is in the other pouch. Changing these tabs so one is a different colour is an incredibly simple but effective solution.

Wally Bifold Animated

The Distil Union Bifold Wallet can carry all of your cash (notes only) and also up to 10 credit/debit or similar sized cards. It also now comes in two different styles: a Ninja Black or Cowboy Brown. Both look equally elegant and the leather feels absolutely great to hold. In terms of eye-catching features, there isn’t really much on the outside except for the companies logo which has been debossed into the bottom left-hand corner. As you will know with leather, the colour and texture will change with use and overtime will lead to a unique and worn look.

Brown Bifold Wallet

As mentioned above you’ll find 2 tabs on either end of the wallet. These allow you to access your hidden cards on either side by pulling each one. They also retract automatically when you push the cards back in so there is no fiddling trying to get the tabs to retract. I’m also pleased to say that we had absolutely no problems with the pull-tabs when testing this final version! Everything seemed very smooth to use and the tabs seemed to retract fully leaving no excess fabric exposed.

Wally Bifold Open

Once you flip open the wallet you’ll find the money clip where you can securely store your notes. The clip is secure enough to hold one or multiple notes at a time, and again is very simple to use. If you’re a user of the US dollar then this wallet is definitely for you, as this is the currency this particular version is made for.

Euro Wallet Coin Pouch

However if you live in the UK or the rest of Europe and you use GBP or Euros then you’ll want to check out the Wally Euro Wallet which is slightly bigger to accommodate for the size difference in notes. As well as this though, you also have the option to replace one of the card compartments with a coin pouch. This is a very clever addition by Distil Union as in the UK we all find ourselves with pockets full of coins. Therefore if you don’t like to carry many cards and would like somewhere to store your coins instead, then you’ll want to grab the coin pouch version.


This little wallet has impressed me massively! It seems incredibly well made with rubber lined edges, and the Argentine leather feels absolutely great. If you’re currently looking for a new wallet, then I highly suggest you look at the Bifold as its one of thee best out there at the moment!

If you want one yourself it’ll cost you $59.99, which I do think is a little steep, but in my opinion you won’t be disappointed when it arrives.

The Euro Wallet however will set you back an extra $10, costing $69.99

The wallet is now available to the public and you can pick it up by clicking the link below!



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