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I like many others try to avoid carrying a bulky wallet whenever I can, but placing the items in a bag or pocket loose unfortunately just isn’t an option. For me finding the right solution to this problem was quite difficult until a friend told me about Distil Union. Distil Union offer a small range of products but by far the most popular (at the moment anyway) is the Wally Case.

Wally Case Above

The packaging allows you to completely see your Distil Union Wally Case in it’s glory and is accessed by a simple plastic tab at the rear. The case unlike the Wally Stick-On actually has a plastic holster to snap your phone into. This case comes in a variety of different leather colours including brown, black and red. As well as the leather being different colours, the plastic holster actually comes in two different varieties as well which are black and clear. Every combination of these is available except the red leather with black holster as this isn’t available to purchase. Placing your phone into the holster is extremely easy as well as removing it.

The leather is really nice and you can carry 3 credit/debit cards or a similar sized load in the pouch. The great thing about using a leather is that it stretches by applying a little water so you can maybe squeeze in an extra card… but also if you want to carry less the leather will also shrink slightly as it dries.

Wally Case Diagonal

Each case’s leather is stitched with absolute precision using a heavy duty thread that matches the colour of the leather used. Something which quite a lot of people aren’t managing to pick up on, is inside the pouch is a small elastic band which if you’re only carrying one card or so will come in great help. Simply place your card behind the elastic and it will prevent it slipping out when carrying less.

Wally Case Inside

Located just below (or above which ever way you look at the case) the pouch opening is a red ribbon tab. To remove your the contents simply give a tug on the tab and out pop your cards/notes. Throughout our tests it has worked incredibly well and not once have we had a problem with it. The case doesn’t add much bulk to your iPhone at all and when you think you’ll no longer have to carry around a bulky wallet we’re pretty happy with that.


Overall the Wally Case is a great accessory and case for your iPhone 5/5s. This will definitely be one of the items that we continue to use every single day after the review has finished for what I’m sure will be a long time. It’s great as you can just pick up your phone on the way out of the door and be sure that you have everything that you need for the day ahead. If you’re just going for a quick trip to the shops or even on a night out, the Wally Case is your perfect companion.

You can purchase the Wally Case for $49.99 at the Distil Union website using the link below.



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