Swann DVR4-1500 Security System [REVIEW]

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This Swann security system comes with a 4-channel DVR paired with a single Pro-510 security camera with IR cut filter. The DVR comes pre-installed with a 320GB HDD so recording footage can begin straightaway.

The DVR comes in the form of a relatively small black box with a range of input ports on the rear. On the back you’ll find 4 video inputs which are used as the primary inputs. They are numbered 1-4 so you can order the cameras exactly how you want them to display on the DVR’s interface. There’s also a video out to connect a composite cable to the video or A/V input on your TV, or this can be done via the built in VGA out. Next to this you’ll find the audio input/output RCA ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports for use with the provided mouse, USB drive etc and also a network port. To top things off the power port is also located here.

Swann DVR

Hooking up the system is incredibly easy and all instructions are included within an easy to read manual. It simply involves hooking up and connecting a few cables and 2 power supplies. Once this is done you’ll have to complete the short setup wizard displayed on screen which includes setting up an administrator password, configuring time, date, location, live view, network and HDD management settings.

If all has gone well you’ll then be presented with your cameras live view on screen. The interface is very easy to use and takes the 4-block approach with each having their own date/time stamp. There is a wide variety of settings you can play around with such enabling recording, enabling audio, digital zoom and changing the image settings such as the brightness, contrast etc. You move around the interface using the included wired mouse, it’s very responsive and works well.

Swann Camera

The Pro-510 camera enables you to capture video in all lighting conditions and features a 6o-degree viewing angle. Throughout the day the camera will record in full colour, and once it’s dark the 24 Infra-Red LED’s will kick in providing night vision. These LED’s allow the camera to capture footage up to 20m/65ft away when dark. The included IR Filter automatically engages and disengages depending on the lighting around.

Rear of DVR

The camera is mounted in a bullet style housing which we’re used to seeing these days. Both the video and power cables run down the metal tube which helps to prevent any vandalism to them but also works as a great cable management system. Thanks to the adjustable mount the camera can be angled to find the perfect position and then mounted on a wall, ceiling or any flat surface.

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Pro-510 Security Camera Specifications

Image Sensor: Swann TruColour (STC)
Video Quality: 540 TL
Resolution: 648 x 488
Lens: 3.6mm




Viewing Angle: 60 degrees
Night Vision Distance: 65ft/20m
No. of IR LED’s: 24
Indoor/Outdoor: Both


Swann Camera 2

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DVR4-1500 Specifications

Video Input: 4 channels BNC
Video Outputs: VGA, BNC
Audio Input: 1 Channel RCA




Capacity: Up to 2TB
Network Interface: 1, RJ45
Network Connection: ‘Peer-to-Peer’
USB Interface: 2 x USB 2.0


Our Verdict

This Swann Security System does exactly what you would expect and does it very well. We’ve read a few queries about the camera quality, and if I’m completely honest I think its absolutely fine. The system altogether costs ¬£230 which isn’t an unreasonable price, but you must take into account you’ll only be getting one camera for this price not the full 4 that it supports.



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