SwannSmart ADS-450 WiFi Network Camera

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Swann is a manufacturer of lots of different security products ranging from alarms, doorbells, security cameras and what we are looking at today a wireless network camera. The model we have is the SwannSmart ADS-450 which has 9 built in infra-red LEDs, Secure Digital Transmission and much more, so lets take a closer look.

Swannsmart ADS-450 Box

The camera itself is actually quite small and comes with a nice mount which you would find with most similar products on the market. Using the stand the camera can be stood on a flat surface or either mounted to a wall or ceiling using the included screws and plugs. Its base attachment can swivel a complete 360 degrees and therefore you can position the camera in the optimal position wherever you decide to mount.

On the front of the camera you will find the infrared LEDs and also the microphone. Yes, this camera does support audio although its just one way. The 9 LEDs provide sufficient visibility of up to 12ft/4m which isn’t bad at all. Moving to the back of the camera you’ll find a LAN port, the mains power input, a small reset button, local WiFi configuration slider and 3 LED indicators. The indicators we think are a little pointless especially being located on the back of the device where you won’t be able to see them when mounted anyway. The power cable is relatively long as well so mounting away from a plug shouldn’t be a problem.

Swannsmart ADS-450 Back

Setting up the camera isn’t too hard and can either be done wirelessly or by using an ethernet cable plugged into the back of the device. We opted for the wireless method and found it was actually quite easy to complete. Everything to do with setting the camera up both wirelessly and wired is explained clearly in the manual included with the product.

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You first need to power the camera on and ensure that the slider on the back of the device is set to the local WiFi configuration mode. The camera will then host its own network to which you must connect to through the settings of your phone. You then install the app which you can download for iOS and Android and it’ll guide you through the rest of the process. Once that’s all complete you can then sign into your free account and you’ll be able to view your camera(s).

Swannsmart ADS-450 Side

The built-in camera has a resolution of 640 x 480 but by default it’ll be set at 320 x 240. This can be changed within the settings along with a whole bunch of other options. As with most wireless security cameras these days the SwannSmart ADS-450 has motion detection recording. Unfortunately it’s only available through a subscription service which’ll set you back $59 per year. With this you’ll get cloud storage, the motion detection recording, push notifications and advanced video codecs.

If you happen to have purchased and set-up multiple cameras then you can view them all within the application. Overall the app is nicely designed and it’s very easy to find to navigate and find what your looking for. If you’re not a fan of viewing you cameras on a small screen then it can also be done through SwannSmart.com

Our Verdict

The SwannSmart ADS-450 overall is a good network security camera. The mount is strong and sturdy, while still being flexible enough to be able to be mounted on a flat surface, wall or ceiling. The companion applications for both iOS and Android are stable and work exactly how they should. It’s unfortunate that a subscription is needed to use some features such as the cloud storage and motion recording and we feel that this may be a deal breaker for some people, especially as some similar products such as the HomeMonitor HD offer this for free straight from the box. Although the ADS-450 is cheaper up front,  you have to pay the $59 a year for these extra services and therefore you would actually benefit by spending the little extra upfront for the HomeMonitor HD, as well as getting HD video.

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The bottom line is the SwannSmart solution is great, it’s just unfortunate that you have to dish out nearly $60 every year for additional services. If you’re looking for a camera for just viewing live, then I’d definitely head on over to the website to learn more.



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